Indian Fried Noodles , Klang

Fried in the Middle

, the quaint but underperforming (sometimes embarrassing, remember Zak the satayman ?) Port Town in Selangor does have its fair share of culinary surprises.
It is not restricted to Pandamaran/Telok Gong Chinese Seafood nor the other charismatic gastronomical genius called Bak Kut Teh.

Situated right next door to opulent (but lack lustre) Islamic City Shah Alam, the xtrasensory aroma of the redoubtable Chinese culinary powerhouse will invariably raise many cynical eyebrows from envying yonder. So as usual the culinary wonders of Klang will again be bypassed Visit Malaysia Year 2007 or not.

So it is left to that saving grace mildmannered Indian fried noodle hanging on ...
.... between the ubiquitous illegal satay stalls to the front, sides and centres......
....and da troublesome BKT hotshots east & west....
to provide some diversionary timely tummy relief.

OK then Little India here we come !

This is the epicentre of Klang's Little India, where shops are owned and operated by mostly the second generation Indians whose forefathers first worked in the railways and ports nearby. The roads carry the names of 'Kelana' this and that. ( but Where's Samy and Maniam, I wonder ? ).

Look out 4 this Restaurant Baratha in Jln Mahkota Kelana.

Aaah ..... the stinging smell of fascinating spicy India, in Malaysia.

Da fried mee takeaway for the rich and famous who it is claimed air fly the brown paper packets from this humble kitchen by the frozen dozens all the way to their aspiring MBA, PhD sons and daughters in London, Paris and Amsterdam courtesy now MAS ( soon Airasia ) . Throw mix into giant very blacky pan...looks simple, doesn't it ?
Even more easy to fry, or is it ?
only 3 minutes is all it takes ! (Maggi take note !)

The Maharajah takeaway Golden Mee Goreng India, Little India style.
Weighin at 1kg a packet @ RM3.50.
Mildly hot , fullbodied, tummy(thoz?) clutching...
Can try 4 experience.
Afterall its not everyday that you are here.


Anonymous said…
hey i just had penang's famous mee goreng (at bangkok lane) for lunch in the office when i saw this post of yours. you should come and see how they (there are more than 1) fried the mee - goyang-goyang the kuali here and there, the mee leaping up and down. it's like the kuali with the mee is dancing!

the mee goreng is only RM2.50 normal... but since i'm always greedy for mee goreng, i always ask for 'tambah mee' which cost me extra 50cents. :)
Rasa Malaysia said…
Lucia, when I go home during CNY, Toni and glutonny entourage can visit us in Penang and we show them the real Penang backstreet.

Chief glutton, how come they didn't put the sotong head? Aiyo, those are the best; in Penang, there is this Indian mee goreng they have this alien looking (more so than my enoki mushrooms) sotong heads with tentacles sticking out and drenched in secret Indian spicy red sauce, then they taruh inside the mee goreng. Heaven!
Jackson said…
aiyoyo! Tak boleh tahan!! The Mee Goreng look so good! Make sure when u blog about Klang food next time, do ask me along
Yinsi Yat said…
wooit!!! Just now I saw that mamak pluck something underneath his sarong and didn't wash his hands la!! Eeeik!!
Wennn said…
Aiya Ace U sure U go see ploperly ah?? See lor I scare scare la to eat after just like the news on da roti canai one with special extra stuffings for U??? eeeikkkkkk.....

But then RM3.50 wat do U expect la...
Anonymous said…
I'm craving for one now! Now! Ahh, and I'm stuck in my dorm
fatboybakes said…
haha, lacklustre islamic city, shah alam!!! what an apt description!!!

to add to ace's story, yar, we've seen a cendol man urm, relieve himself in a tree behind the stall, and return to nonchalantly shave d ice..... however, my threshold for grossness is quite it doesnt really bother me.
finally I know what mee u like oredi ! ok I m coming now to c the Indian dance...

da guys in KL r lining up oredi. 2 c dunno the tentacles or something else more sinister like more illicit lovey things again?
..Orient Pearl here v come !

yes, bruder !

u shud do one Ball Scratch & Smell joke on 118 !
Fbb u sure can grossly tahan inside darkest chamber salong one ornot? dun bluff ah.. even BSG kanot u know !

u mean u saw da small curly blak one ah ?...aiyo telibel !

nice nice name, smells great. welkum 2 BSG again. v shall try to tapau Pg one with tentacles 4 u .
Michelle said…
wow... y suddenly all bout Klang food?? heheheh good good.. more chances for me to drop by and get really FAT. *ugh*
Melting Wok said…
wahh..mee goreng istimewa ala bsg style, sedap dan tepat, maggi segera boleh go pokai liao hahaha :)
fatboybakes said…
michelle, whats wrong being FAT?!!! huh huh huh? ;)
Michelle said…
fbb.. hahhaha ok ok.. i take it back.. ahahaha... *grins*
dis thing bout fat ornot. Some like them fat some slim. But plse not thin ! I m sure fbb is fat & happy ( yes ah ?) & u r slim/trim & happy !

melting wok
yes lo darling
fatboybakes said…
tonixe, yalor, fat, fit and happy.... (well, fairly fit la)

michelle definitely looks slim and happy....unless that is a fake avatar.
Melting Wok said…
yes lo darlin mee goreng kunyit kuning