Ikan Bakar, Kg Baru KL ( BBQ Fish)

Smoked at da Kampong in D City

Kg Baru ( 'New Village'), a predominently Malay settlement anchored right in the centre of Malaysia's Capital City KL epitomises the perennial conflict between the old and the new, the modern and the conservative. Under laws passed decades ago, this area has been designated as Malay Reserve Land and may not be allowed for modern development, unless stringent criterias are met.

Good then for authentic cultural, souvenir & food connoisseurs right since things are really heritagely slow moving, and nostalgic....or is it ?

As you can see, the massively disproportionate pride of KL, the Petronas Twin Towers can be seen in the background where Kg Baru is. Here oldish looking traditional Malay dwellings, handicraft/souvenir shops and roadside food stalls are everywhere selling fruits,sweets, snacks & kuihs (finger food) and more.

But of course Kg Baru is more renown for its traditional Malay cuisine of fried fish & fried chickens, all kinds of beef soups, road spilling multi-coloured curry nasi campor (mixed rice) dishes, kampong-class nasi lemaks, skewered satays...

... but being a bit health conscious (today only) so we are only interested in...

... those slim and trim fishes of the famously burnt kind, called

ikan bakar, holy asap !

Pak Lang.

The aroma of burnt meats permeates you as you step into this veritable Gluttonhouse.

An all-in-one Gallery of BBQ fishes, nasi campor curry dishes, fresh veges/herbs, multiple sauces etc.

Select, match and enjoy, without the stress.

No untoward glances( u know how it is ), no hassles.

Refresh with iced kosong or red syrup.

Mostly DIY.

A Malay signature fish specialty, the ikan keli (remember this name) river catfish,
slippery, soft & delicate with an unusual fatty but not fat feel.
Slips into your tummy without your noticing.

Inseparable smokey twosome ikan pari (stingray) and ikan selar (mackeral lookalike).

Quick bite,quick taste. Do not forget the 2 wonder sweet and sourhot sauces.
They are all the difference.
Simple, neat.

Delicious....... and rich ? You bet !
Its good for your eyes too ( and we don't mean da ladies, 4 they are too busy eating...)
And all 4 around RM 3 or 4 a fish ( TQ ! )

...Cheaper than that singlet Chinaman in the other backStreets/foodcourts where a comparable stingray done smokeless/grilled not bakared/smoked goes for RM8 minimum,
and the selar RM6....

Now you know.
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  • Comments

    Wennn said…
    Aiyo I wan I wan... faster faster send DHL... Sick also I wan to eat la... Dun care.. *pening* and then *pengsan* smell ikan bakar sure wake up straight away...
    boo_licious said…
    I've eaten at this gerai before, always packed with people as it's reasonably priced. They have such a wide selection. Yet to eat their ikan bakar though.
    Unknown said…
    Went there eat b4 with my boss... yummy!
    Michelle said…
    i love that pari oness..
    Tummythoz said…
    I've always preferred the Malay version of this compared to Chinese hawker stall ones. Sedap-nya sehingga menjilat jari-jari & sauce plate/bowl!
    Anonymous said…
    yummy! look delicious. i do like ikan bakar.

    RM3 or RM4 only? that is indeed cheap. i hardly try malay's ikan bakar in penang but the one time that i did, i think it was not that cheap.
    Precious Pea said…
    Wow, really look mouth-watering!!! And so cheap too! Must go try one day. There is also another style of Ikan Bakar that comes with gravy and ladies finger. What is that style called?
    Babe_KL said…
    aiyoyo my tummy rumbling now!!!
    Babe_KL said…
    aiyoyo my tummy rumbling now!!!
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Thanks for the inspiration chief glutton; I know what to do with my leftover frozen banana leaves (bought them for my nasi lemak) in my freezer now!
    MeiyeN said…
    O_o i love ikan bakar!!!!!!!! making me so hungry now.......how to go this place?
    Melting Wok said…
    nicely un-nuked :) mari mari, makan ikan pari :)
    wei sik mus kwikly eat this one will make u c clearly and immediately get well !

    but I do believe de Tanglin ones taste better

    kenny ng
    da chillis enough hot 4 u meh ?

    many chinese dun eat pari one means u r not Chinese (I guess right haha)

    I know u can appreciate!
    but bakared at own beach bbq is
    B E S T

    but b careful on size of cut tho !can be tricky

    precious pea
    that one is Portugese style I think (that fella say one)but that is no good bcoz exaggerated taste.
    best with Tiger.

    plse bakar a few 4 us babestyle ?

    Pg Delish
    right on

    wait 4 me same place.
    I will be a little late...

    *go Jln Sultan Ismail(Hotel Concorde area)from Jln Kuching. Right after KL Sheraton( on yr right, da place v used to drink happily one remember ?), turn left.

    Then go another 1 to 2 km.
    Right turn is da place.
    do u smell it ?*

    melting wok
    v shall b waiting. dun be late darling.
    Michelle said…
    har? serious ar? many chinese don eat pari 1 meh? y all the chinese i know also eat it wor.. hahaha
    fatboybakes said…
    i love ikan pari (both eating, and seeing underwater)... sigh, but i fear they are on the verge of extinction.... are they? please tell me they're not. well, if sighting of stingrays during dive trips is anything to go by, then boy, they are on the verge of extinction...
    such graceful creatures.......

    and who says most chinese dun eat ikan pari? i thought chinese eat anything....
    u r right lah becoz they thot that one pari not hanghu.

    sorry bout yr lovely graceful underwater spaceships, but I dun think they will become xtinct anytime soon. actually not many people overseas take this fish anyway xcept the Malays mostly. How many Chinese dishes got this thing ?

    Alamak u neber say many Chinese neber take cow ? but again a Malay fav food ?

    Talk about unity in diversity?
    Melting Wok said…
    yes yes, wawasan duaa2 kosong2 lapan, ok ? :)
    melted mine
    hey u r back in Malaysia oredi ah ?
    can't wait to be melted lah !
    MeiyeN said…
    teambsg, thanks for da direction.. :D when ya wanna bring me go? :p
    da same time you say YES !