Fish Head Noodles, Damansara Kim,PJ

Lure of the Banners
This was the Xtremely rare and Xciting tri-lingual invitation to treat, at a rather mundane looking backStreet outside a housing area away from mainstream PJ. Which inflated the expectations for the coming lunch, for when have you seen beautiful banners such as this at backLanes ?

11.45 am. Quietly obscure and unhurried. Cool clean corner lot with well spread out tables and chairs. Attentive heipers and friendly English -speaking Chinaman -looking Boss.
The nice looking big bowl of milky-looking soupy noodles with fish head cuts. RM6 a bowl.

Sorry, looks are deceiving, for this otherwise charming set-up did not live up to our very seasoned battle-scared palates in neither fragrance, tastes nor feel.
No wonder we never think highly of fish head noodles...
..probably becoz we are more often up and about and always go for the fiery kinds.......


boo_licious said…
this place owned by the lady who sells cakes and soya bean - jenny at TTDI. She was promoting this place to me when I bought tau foo far from her at TTDI market.

I like the fish head noodles in Goon Wah, off Jalan Kuchai Lama. It's has a nice tang to it.
Rasa Malaysia said…
Why is the broth so white one? Used santan ke?
wmw said…
This is at the back of my bro's house. Yeah, they tried it and it was not up to expectations. I don't eat fish, so didn't try. Hee hee
Melting Wok said…
The overload white stuffs came from the fish stomachs infused in the fish broth izitt ? wahh, hoong siu yu tow also good leh..reminiscing :P
teckiee said…
hm.. i haven eaten fish head noodles for a long time.

bee yinn, Shirley: not santan or the fish hehehe it's actually evaporated milk.
Anonymous said…
Is this the milk-version ? I like both the milk-version, and clear broth version. Any XO added ? ;p
Precious Pea said…
I was told that the Fish Head Meehoon at Ka-Soh is not too bad, their signature dish if not mistaken. But yet to try.
tks 4 the info bout the lady. Must keep an eye on goon wah

I believe milk was used, tho no taste anyway

what ! no fish ? how can. bro look like u ornot? thoz i saw him hehehe

melted me
hahaha yeah, do recipe soon

tks 4 tips

its milk, but if
with xo my review would have been deliciously different !

precious pea
hi ! TQ 4 stopping by.
where is kasoh btw ?
wmw said…
Yah, I look like my bro except I'm a "broader" and "shorter" version. LOL. Yah, I did eat the one at Kah Soh, quite good considering I don't take fish. Why I did? Cos got chee yau char! ha ha ha....Kah Soh's at the same row as Vintry. I went to Vintry take day and ordered it over. Took pics (not that clear though)...will post soon.
Rasa Malaysia said…
WMW and Chief Glutton - you guys peng yu (friends) ke?
Precious Pea said…
If not mistaken, Kah Soh got 2 branches, one behind the bukit damansara Victoria Station, the other one is in front to Ritz Carlton. Try their deep fried pig intestine which they serves with hoisin sauce. It's really tasty!
pssstt, actually more than that...(ai ching one), dun tell anybody.

precious pea
Tks 4 info
What A Lulu said…
lulu orders her fish head noodle "yat won yee tau mei funn, mm oi yi tau".

i remember reading somewhere, the whiteness of the stock is supposed to be from the bone. the pretenders shamelessly letak evaporated milk.
lulu doesn't mind either way.
wmw said…
BSG/RM : This is news to me! LOL...
Wennn said…
THis one okie lor nice too becoz I like bihun but then the soup with milk hor can ask dun put so much milk or not after very kenyang one la... Me no like dairy stuffs....
Rasa Malaysia said…
Chief Glutton/WMW - Secret underground/backstreet ilicit affair bocor liao...tsk tsk tsk!!!! ;)
dats very funny. it does look like this dish is v tricky ah ?

WMW(luv)/fragrant princess
when true sweet love comes it comes... illicit/backstreet/ underground or not !
wakekekekekaka ( sounds like Ace)

I oso dun learly like milk so much so neber mind v ask 4 no milk today !
Melting Wok said…
muahahaha, so much food porn and to think having this milky fish broth with fishheads before any ai ching would be quite interesting, ok, to all lovebirds, do try this at home, courtesy of chief bsg hahaha :)
melting hearts
yes dearest, your place or mine ?
Anonymous said…
Hey there!
I do believe that you have not been eating at this place for quite some time where as there is a lot of improvement and changes in taste.
Do feel free to drop by and look for me.

James Hong B.K.