CURRY MEE , ( hot/spicy noodles ) KL/PJ

A mouthful of c o l o u r s.

A close cousin of Penang's most sexy noodle Xport Assam Laksa & de other bomb Prawn Mee making up the paradise island's irrepressible trio. Invariably inseparable they are at your service in most hawker centres and Chinese coffee shops across the whole country.

Curry Mee's distinctive original recipe is unclear and its current form comes in many versions, flavours and colours. Simply it is noodles in a combination of thick/light coconut flavoured hot & spicy curry gravy, orange in colour & served in a bowl + de one-half fresh lime sitting on turbocharged chillis.

The popular ones have chicken/pork meats( bony or shredded), pork skin, prawns, cockles, even fish cakes/balls with trademark fried bean curds, and assorted vegetables like beansprouts, long beans, mint leaves etc.

Listed below are some standout stalls and you should try them each in turn ( but never one after another !) to appreciate their unique flavours. Then choose your own favourites to introduce to your Grandmas/BF/GFs.

Happy eating !

Lai Kong, Sunway Mentari, PJ
Classic colours. Drop dead looks. Chicken meat chunks, pork skins.

Sorry no cockles
Restaurant USJ 2,, USJ Subang.
Nyonya style. With mint leaves.
Unique fragrant taste only the Nyonyas know how.
Chicken meat chunks(but cold), ...& still no cockles !

Kwai Sun SS 15 Subang Jaya.
Fish cake slices, chicken chunks, no cockles yet ...with curry leaves

Morning Market SS 2 PJ. Nearer Hong Leong Bank.
Overcrowded and chaotic place in da most pampered eating zone of Klang Valley no less !
Cheap cheap at RM3.00 only. ( but don't forget to compare size of bowl tho on yr next stop ). Exemplifies 'follow da crowd' behavior to the hilt.
Cockles & fish balls now introduced ! Chicken meats.
Hong Seng Section 17, PJ de side of the morning market
Easy going cool place. Surprisingly fresh. Introducing fried wantans.
Chunky pig skins & fresh cockles ! Hey no meats ! ....but the lime.....omgosh
Also @RM 4.00 for small probably da most pricey one ok...

da great Asia Cafe SS 15 Subang Jaya, stall 36
Penang curry Mee. Clear gravy until you throw in the turbo version.
Introducing slippery cuttlefish strands. and chicken meat slices ( look no bones !).
Tiny cockles. Can gulp at one go if you like ! Value 4 money @RM 3.50

La Manila, Mid Valley KL
BSG's gastronomical wonder with
deshelled prawns and chicken flossed meats + divine cockles.
....never mind, all RM9.00 of it !
...for once we are skipping da backStreets......
Really sinful treats 4 da hearts you love....


fatboybakes said…
oh my gooodnessss, i have not lived!!!! some of the ones look soooooo orgasmic, cockle or not. but frankly, somehow without cockle, hmmmm, cant be as good i feel.

the only one i've tried is la manila.
boo_licious said…
like fatboybakes, I feel as though I'm missing out as the only one I have tasted is Hong Seng's curry noodles which is really good I must admit. I love the cockles too.
Wennn said…
Wah I love the cockles ones la so whe U gonna take me there ah? Aiyo i hv oredi told my finger not to click on ur blog anymore la... Sei ler I wanna go home now...... I wann go bek M'sia and hv curry noodle assam laksa all the yummy yummy food la.... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...................
MeiyeN said…
whoaa....what a good review! :D i love da one at hongseng! yummy yummy.......
Tummythoz said…
Hey, u missed out 1 of my fav stall along Jalan Alor, KL! Nvm, I'll do a post of it on my own then! *show pouty look & turn away*
wmw said…
Not a fan of cockles. When it comes to curry noodles fave spots, it will be in KL! One is the stall along Tengkat Tong Shin. On the same row as Meng Kee Char Siew, go pass Adik Beradik Chua and pass the trendy "old" restaurants. You will see it located at a cornershop. They sell economy rice and noodles.

Why I love the curry here? They have the deep fried crispy intestines! The other one will be at the other corner on the same row (so that will be before Meng Kee, at Chin Hai restaurant). The Sar Hor Fun stall serves a different but tasty curry noodles. Will do a post one day!
whistler said…
wow.. this make me drool. I like curry laksa but never try any that you've mentioned. I don't really eat the cockles, but a little bit of the cockles blood does boost the curry laksa taste!

I like your blog. I tagged you.
UnkaLeong said…
Maybe I've bumped into you while tucking in a bowl of noodles @ the SS2 Market? There's a pretty good stall at the wai sek kai in section 14. Enter the basement level through entrance located between Metrojaya and KFC. It also sells Assam Laksa.

But the best curry mee eva can be found in Ipoh! Hmm..Food post Idea. Hahahah. Scared my Family members O/D from Curry Mee only.
Melting Wok said…
congratulations, you've succeeded in expanding my many eye poppings yet mouth watering horizons during my cold weather blues. Missing home food miraculously. Cockles or not, intestines or whatnots, I'll sapu everything hehe, cheers !:)
Anonymous said…
oh no! oh no! this can't be curry mee! one important 'bestest' ingredient is missing - pig's blood!! (coagulated pig's blood cut into cubes). curry mee is not curry mee without pig's blood!

kl curry mee no pig's blood one kah? penang curry mee sure have pig's blood.... that and cockles, to me are the two most important ingredients in a curry mee (of course not to mention the obvious lots of sambal).
Rasa Malaysia said…
Aiya, the curry mee is not supposed to have green beans one...and yes, like Lucia said, where are the pig blood cubes? I think I have to go back sooner to help these hawkers getting things straight. But if they don't sell it as Penang Curry Mee, then it's forgiveable. LOL!!!!
U r right go try kwik ! Cockles r de 'c' spot so do not miss them !

great! u should try them all, and more...

sure, when I fly there or I fly u in ! OK when ?

Dun miss the La Manila one ok...then see the Guardian !

Yes ! We would all love to see that pouting look ! Quick !

I ( & us) shall look forward to your post then TQ.

TQ 4 comin in $ the link also. I m sure we can discover more places ( esp Klang) together !

Thought u r in BKK ? Well probably yes, u mean da one with da pretty girls one ah ? Ipoh curry mee in old town (near the chee cheong fun place) with the prawns and chickens are great too !

Melting Wok
Isit? TQ & welcome to BSG ! Shall send some home cooks 2 u soon ....

Michelle that means from now its all action right !? haha

Sorry my sweet lady I was thinking of that. I remembered RM's recipe which included the blood(OMG)but I think u can hardly find them here in KL/PJ ! Ok now I go look for it !

RM we have the full fury from de another pretty Ms from Pg,USA ! Our humble apologies from KL/PJ...( these shall not be repeated yes yes..). We shall await your return with bated breath( plse forgive us ) and earnest anticipation...for the relabelling...LLOOLL
missy said…
gosh. i sorethroat ler.. ate assam fish head.. then tomyam soup the next day.. and then another hot curry laksa.. lagi now saw ur post..
cannot tahan d.. LOL~
UnkaLeong said…
Heheh..I never fail to get a bowl whenever I am back home. Just confirmed the name of the stall at Section 14 Wai Sek Kai, it's called Lum Kee...
tks 4 dropping by. hahaha never mind enjoy now suffer later!

Thanks 4 the information. Will check it out soon, as soon as I recover from the lovely sore throat!
Anonymous said…
Best curry Laksa is in Imbi, near the Soo Kee restaurant. Its in a coffee shop stall juz opposite Seven Eleven...Curry is thick and red and not watery type... Really got oomph la.. Opens morning to midday... Team Bsg, juz try it and see whether i am right? You wun be dissapointed...
thank yu anon for yur tip/comments ! we shall keep a lookout for this place . cheers !
I made some a while back, let me know what you think