Chinese Rice Porridge ( Chinatown, KL)

Light & Easy

Petaling Street, KL's Chinatown. Surprisingly small & narrow.

But no less busy, colorful & bright with a sharp noisy concentration of petty Chinese ( now Burmese/Indon) traders peddling everything and anything under the greeny ( leaking ) canopy that you never thought you ever really need,
....but still must see & try believe.

A handicraft, souvenir, wet market, fruit, food, ( what else ?), imitation goods and copyright pain-in-da a** bargain-hunting bazaar and

...must-recommend-to-foreigners tourist hotspot.

Another must-try !
Famous Hon Kee porridge.

Clear overboiled rice in water + seasonings +Xtras.
Not Teowchew (salted this salted that mixed fish/meats/veges/eggs) style, ....that is different.

Watch da crowd !
Seniors mostly ? Becoz no need to bite ? Becoz gentle on tummy ?
You might have a point !

But not really because on normal mornings thousands (including kids) will jostle for limited cramped seats to try this one.

Version 1...of century egg slices (uniquely strong & dark pungently alkaline preserved chicken/duck eggs, aka authentic but not proven Chinese aphrodisiac ).

Tasty but piping hot ( danger ! ) so slow down...
RM4 only.

Versions 2 (crispy fried pork body parts ), 3 (raw fish slices) & 4 ( chicken meats ),
....all in mixture of fresh ginger slices and springy onion leaf bits + Chinese secret sauce,
you may add Sarawak pepper + non-secret Chinese soya sauce according to personal preferences.

Unspicy, pungently fragrant free and

suitable for even the sick.

Try it soon...

View from a KL connoisseur

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    Unknown said…
    Long time never been there eat since the place renovated... must find 1 day go eat again!
    Wennn said…
    Eh U copy from my blog wan issit? I curi ur BKY, U curi my pei tan chuk.... kakakakakakaka... I remember DHL to U too and U got burnt.... I am well liao lor... becoz I hv eaten BKT....
    Anonymous said…
    I saw a review on Hon Kee Porridge in newspaper recently, and after reading both of the reviews (by the newspaper and u), I must go there and try it out .Thanks for your info.
    Precious Pea said…
    Yummy yum yum...century egg is my favourite. Whenever i cook porridge at home, i would need to buy 3 eggs. Two for the porridge and one to munch while cooking! DELICIOUS with pickled gingers.
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Aiya, where is the Portuguese grilled fish and sotong wrapped with alunimum foil at that obscure and hidden corner on the right hand side of Jalan Petaling? I thought it was so good too bad the last time I went in September 06 and damn it was closed. :(
    Anonymous said…
    I miss KL with this blog of yours. keep it up! I agree that Malaysia is a food paradise, and KL is a good place to begin with (loved eating in Jalan Alor!) Greetings from Manila Philippines- ajay (
    Anonymous said…
    chinatown? that's about the only place i'm familiar with in KL! well maybe jln bkt bintang/jln alor area too. so try to recommend food from these areas more lah so that i can try them out when i'm in KL.

    once in a while i do like to eat rice porridge... but porridge is not filling. i mean at the moment yes, but i will get hungry again just after an hour!
    kenny ng
    still very fresh hot and taste great ! but watch da crowd

    no la I bolo oni short while then now finis ledi hahaha taste so good !

    actually watching the BIG crowd is half the fun

    precious pea
    wa u not scared the black egg too 'pou' ah ?

    its still here lah, let me show u

    welcome to KL/BSG. means u have enjoyed da food here already, good ! Now I have to look for filipino food here !

    ok Bk Bintang here I come. Why, u can always eat 3 bowls, 1 with eggs, 2 with body parts, 3 with fish ! Then go eat Indian rice !
    wmw said…
    I love porridge with century egg...and crispy fried parts!
    Melting Wok said…
    oh my havent blog 4 days and this is what i missed :( boy, those senior citizens r happy, skinny & well fed :) hey, Malaysia doesn't sell led-free century eggs meh ?
    I must say yr tastes & BSG's r quite similar, Yes?

    melting wok
    thats why da old skinny old men are making a last ditch attempt to be strong by having those eggs. those leaded eggs cannot be unleaded my darling or they become salted eggs ! hahaha
    Anonymous said…
    I'm looking for a good nasi kandar place. I'm told PM's brother has opened a nasi kandar shop in Perth and it is okay. Is that right? Australia must be very good now.