OneTon Mee, SS 13 Subang Jaya

Heavyweight Champion of oriental noodles

A Chinaman ( & Jacky Chan ) favourite. Distinctive golden noodles; curvy & petite,
firm and Xtra long, unlike the normal softer and larger version found in curry mee or prawn mee.

Popular in East Asia under various localised nicknames and sub-shapes, and even colour. Soupy or dry versions. With assortment of veges and meats from chickens, porks and fish balls to prawns + de WANTON of course !

Da BSG Golden Award Malaysian Kopitiam version occupying an obscure corner lot beside A&W Rest. SS13 Subang Jaya ( beside 3K club, actually stall is inside neighbouring one ...)

The brightly lit attractive stall, in a remarkably unMalaysian tidy, clean & pleasant setting ( yes, not all are the same...)
Supporting actor, de dry Hakka Mee, also very good with ground(ed) pork but flat noodle. Hard to find and less popular, maybe it is too fair & light ( the sauce I mean ).

De real Star WanTon Noodles with dainty slippery porky wantons, in all its dark slurpy glory, with roast pork good enough to give Meng Kee ( Jln Tongshin, KL ) and that Section 17, PJ one a good run for the money ( don't believe ? )
Have a nice weekend !


Jackson said…
wowowo! This is my another favourite noodle! Drooling now....I just had a Hakka Mee yesterday in Klang and they used flat noodle too. But the taste was just OK la. Yr Wanton Mee look so good and im eyeing on yr Char Siew
Anonymous said…
wanton mee is ok to me. not really like it not really love it.

the dried version long ago comes with 2 pcs of cooked (boiled?) wanton in a small bowl of soup but nowadays they lazy liao, no more wanton in small bowl of soup but they give fried wanton instead on top of the noodle itself, which i hate (the fried wanton i mean)!

hey hakka mee other than the grounded pork also got lots of ikan bilis, right?
wmw said…
Going to blog on wantan mee soon! With the landmarks given, I still dunno where this place is.
if u r this area try this stall, it feels very fresh an neat ( & beautiful )

hey, many are quite true to your original version here in KL/PJ as the kono comes with a separate soup bowl for 3 wantons + green pickled chillis ! sorry, the hakka mee no ikan bilis one....( but got de siew yoke v good lah )

this one off Jln Kewajipan, very near Asia Kafe lah, only 1 or 2 km ! Always packed in the morning
Wennn said…
Oh wanton noodles. Not a big fan of it, I only like the flat noodles and the wontons... But I will hv it if nothin else to choose from. When we drive back to Ipoh, my aunt always like to stop by at Bidor to hv at wonton mee. There very very famous one and the pickled chillis also veri delicious la!! U must go try!!!
Yinsi Yat said…
The char siew so fat wan!
boo_licious said…
Must go search for this one as I'm always a fan of Wantan Mee. I borrowed yr compare two stalls posting for today's post. Hope you don't mind but I did link it up to yr original pork ball noodles post.

P/s who's the BSG Gang? I can see the pix but not very clearly.
What A Lulu said…
wmw and those seaching for the place,
if you are going for the paylessbook warehouse sale this weekend, you can stroll over to this shop. walking distance aje.
yes, that one I think is the wanton noodle with the duck soup. delicious!

fat oni got cushion wat hehehe !

of course I don't mind, infact I m flattered...& many tks for the mention/link. Team BSG is in fact made up of many of my fellow gluttony friends, hopefully I will show more of them soon, and clearer too !

thanks for the help ! much appreciated.
MeiyeN said…
yeah it's true that hardly get to find this type of dry hakka mee nowadays! but it's all good to eat with those sour green chilie!!!!! :D
yeah its true, but its quite nice too right !
MeiyeN said…
teambsg, it's not meiyan O_o wrong spelling... :p