Pork Rib King, Klang Selangor

another hot backStreet

From PJ, after the Keris ( the famous one, not the Hishamuddin one ) and after paying your RM 1.00 toll ( tomorrow increase so faster come ), continue Northwards in direction of Pelabuhan Kelang.

Pass by the first junction ( to Bandar Baru Klang/Bukit Raja ), then go up the flyover of the second junction ( underneath is roundabout to Taman Berkeley.

Continue until you reach 3rd flyover, keep very left and turn left, pass traffic lights and keep left again ( v tricky here, not like normal backStreets ).


This road you are now on is called Jln Batu Tiga. Go straight and slow. Look left, can you see a stone age Indian Cinema ( Panggung Seri Intan I think ?). Turn left again and u r almost there !

Alternative another left turn just in case you miss the first left turn ( omg so many lefts !), this is da place ok.

backStreet Gourmet Alley . Park here. You have arrived. Look for most busy stall. Crowded, hot and dry. Also a little bit dusty.
Get ready to be served by hyperactive big beautiful eyes mature fair lady ( no, not piau mei sorry). Be served within 3 Minutes. Drink only home made soya bean milk, it will cool you down .

de classic Assam Kembong fish ( ..........one is probably not enough......... )
Don't miss this one. Fresh and big.

..................Da King. Chuncky golden rib meat ( with BIG cucumber, 4 Xtraspecial effects )


Also other fast track dishes like vinegar pork trotters and chicken curries.


.......then the rice, shiny,firm, fluffy, little bit oilyish ( no, not like the Bak Kut Teh one ) and also very good.


Cheaper and faster than your usual Klang Bak Kut Teh stalls .


Wennn said…
Yay I cum in first!! Welllll the kembong fish in Asam sauce veri small leh.. Oni serve soya bean milk and nothin else ka?? Sei ler I dun drink milk wor!1 How??? Can take my own drinks or not ah??
Anonymous said…
Phew, I can feel the heat from the pork rib shop. Looks very good and worth the trip down to Klang.
thumb ok ledi onot ? oderwise I fly there 2 treat u faster. They oso got baby big( quite big one ) assam shark ok onot ? kanot bling own drinks unless i kum along too ok !

If u do I suggest u should also try a few more Klang 'secrets' such as the Baby Seafood charcoal steamed fish ala Siam ( check out Friedchillies recent post ), and if still want sommore de 'Hilton' 50 ringgit pomfret & orrchien. ....Jackson, r u there ?!
Wennn said…
Tonixe: thumb still pain pain la.... sumore hv to work with the same thumb at work.... so U faster fly here la..... got assam shark ah??? OK bring bring also with U!! I like assam pedas things.... Kenot blin ah my own drinks okie la U bring for me la.... hheehehehehh I'm waiting ya!!!
Anonymous said…
I luv ur blog very much. Most of ur backstreet reviews are "keng"

u must also try their curry mutton too.It is good....

keep d reviews rolling.
MeiyeN said…
i like vinegar pork trotters!! no pics? :(

by da way, do you know where to have yummy Beehoon with Promfet other than klang area?
I m all ready 4 u here !
I m served ! hahaha !
nex time don't simply pray play yr thumb without my supervision ok !

kl lang
TQ 4 yr encouragement and support and welcome to BSG. I love what I m doing ( da food I mean ! ) and people like u of course !

I know but I will show u & tell you afterwards ( don't tell anybodi else esp darlin' ..) hehehe ( sinister small chuckle )
Michelle said…
hey!!!... i've been here before.. *fantalicious* my dad's fave restaurant.. my mom don quite like the environment thoughh.. say dirty wor.. been eating there since i was small but now sudah naik harga sikit... but still nice..

speaking of laksa.. in klang parade now.. in front of kenny rogers.. there are 2 temporary stalls selling real thai laksa and tom yam.. real good. they'll be here occasionally from thailand.. u should try it if u drop by klang.. 5 bucks per bowl. they'll be there only till end of this year.

Jackson said…
wowow....i visited this place before! I love their pork rib with rice and their mutton curry...yummy!
MeiyeN said…
tonixe, you got to tell me asap cause i need to bring my parents down to klang this coming sunday!!! :p
so nice 2 know yr dad's fantalicious joint! can understand yr mum's (ladies') feel tho.tks 4 Klang Parades'tomyam tip, mayb I should search 4 u first! I m on my way...

now I think u got no choice but to bring Bloggers' Gang to fantalicious Klang lah !

why I din tell u earlier becoz I got no pixs of trotters yet and dunno where 2 find pomfret beehoon other than Klang ! ( sorri, Boo can help onot plse ?) )

If u r really going 2 Klang this weekend try Baby Seafood in Batu Belah ( along Shapadu Highway to Northport ), as featured in Friedchillies few weeks ago. They have incredible steamed fish(es) in Thai styled boat over burning charcoal( hot hot !), and pineapple pork ribs, petai prawns sambal( da best in Bloggerland )and also many many more...

otherwise go Bagan in Tanjung Harapan( not easy to find but...) for da only real seaview Xperience near KL.

Or Kampong Java ( west Klang ) 4 all things BBQ over BYO wine...finally tapioca mee or yam mee...or... ! sorry I got carried away ...I havent talk bout da sharks yet
MeiyeN said…
tonixe, wow!!!! so many choices, thanks alot!!!!! hmmm... been to tg. harapan (hainanese village?) before and there are few restaurants there.. which one do you recommend? hmmm not a good idea over da baby seafood but i don't even know where's shapadu highway.. tg.harapan nearer or batu belah?
MeiyeN said…
i mean not a bad idea over da baby seafood...:p
after 1.oo toll, turn right pass Jaya Jusco then pay another 40sen toll. Go straight ( not left ) over small o/h bridge, and go less than 2 km. this area is called Batu Belah. Baby seafood is on left row same as Yokohama tyre shop but a bit further up beside 7 Eleven, see da sign ? good !

Bagan Rest.Tanjung Harapan is da last one on the esplanade ( actually river mouth )opposite end of Muara Ikan Bakar rest. Maybe 3 km from Muara, beside commercial fishing pond.

Have fun! with da marmite crabs.
Anonymous said…
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