Philandering Chinese Chickens, KL/PJ

hot Chicks, handsome Ducks... n... illicit BeausOriginal piau mei from Dalian, widely acclaimed in Bentong, Pahang, now a city treasure in PJ.

Kee Kee, SS4 PJ......... team BSG's Chick of the Year 2006 .

.....Awesome tastes inside out ( flesh and other body parts ), leggy ( skins) and wet wets( varying soups ), & well cushioned by terracota warriors ( bean sprouts ).......

Luscious Cantonese beautywith heavy Hainanese undertones.

Mature......steady......fully satisfying....

de Satellite, Jln Gasing PJ.

Mesmerizing enchantress also from Canton but then seduced to Ipoh, Malaysia by lusty rich tin tycoons where her unsurpassed ultra feminine misdemeanour almost destroyed an entire State. Subsequently banished in 1977 to Jln Gasing PJ, with an entourage of thousands ( some say millions) of equally fair terracota warrior sprouting beans.
Legendary Mamasan and a local forklore..... but aging...
Gingerly trying to restore past glory but the onslaught of formidable sexier chicks may prove that to be a near impossible task.
da New Ipoh Chicken Rice, Jln Gasing PJ.
Mysterious oyster smooth teaser from lesser Harbin. Unbelievably sensuous. Captivating.
Has an uncanny penchant for rich suitors........ so be very careful.....
Soo Kee SeaPark, PJ.

Dark skinned dazzling sensation from lower Hainan Island.
Now in SS2, PJ. Corner lot Foodcourt, de other one.

previously Fuzhou fair maiden now deeply tanned.
Hoe Fong SeaPark PJ's fried chicken version.

da all alone webbed brown, brash and rugged plaything, a hard earning occasional piau mei companion with Xpensive tastes. Da Chow Yan Fatt of Chinese duck mythology.
Sunrise, SeaPark PJ

Not so tough not so ugly duckling & competent evening escort
Taman Megah,Good Luck PJ

da piau meis' hyper-amorous & inevitable scandalous liaisons of the over-testosteroned & fatty 4 leggeds (what else?) kind, need we say more ?
Attracted to chicks like ants to sugar.
Roast(skinless) and BBQ(thick grainy skinned) options. Killer looks and deafening sound effects.
....A secret object of (gluttony) fantasy for the much misunderstood and severely depri(a)ved guardians of morality temple officials
unsavoury multi-vendors (beware fast hands) Petaling Street KL's backlanes,
....or mercenary but sweet Meng Kee ( Jln Tongshin,KL)
....or cool Hong Seng S17 PJ corner restaurant.

de on-off and on-again unflinching eunuchs of the imperial Consorts. Hailing from the Grand Courts of enigmatic Xian, Centre China. Adequately retrained in Ipoh Malaysia, climatically adjusted to Tropics without losing colour,bounce and feel and now commissioned throughout most of the City landscapes.


Wennn said…
Ehhh Ngah choi kai fan ah??? Not Ipoh is the famous one meh???? but then I thot down in SS4 there wat is the place call corner shop one also got very nice kai fan wor.....

Happy New Year to U ah!!!! Dun forget to ta pau more more food for me ya?!!!
Michelle said…
oh my freakinngg godd... ur pics are so seductive that i can practically taste it in my mouth..

happy new year tonixe.. hope u'll hav a great start for a new beginning.. all the best here too..!!!~~~
Anonymous said…
i don't really like chicken rice. well... i like the rice but not the chicken! (i don't take duck either)

in penang the most famous chicken rice is fatty loh's but nowadays most people say not so nice liao. they opened up too many branches and i think the recipe is 'lost' should only go to the original fatty loh then.

btw, happy new year toni!
Yinsi Yat said…
Happy New Year 2007 to you bro! Hope the year 2007 alot of piao mei for you!! kekeke
u r right, the ss4 one is tops ! Our fav piao mei. I can only tapau myself 4 u kekehahwa ha !can onot ?
cannot work 2molo ok Happy New Year !

then u must taste them fast, stds change everyday sometimes gomen ban them coming here so r u s h !
Happy New Year one day we try underbridge BakKutTeh 2gether, CHEERS !

eh how come I thought all love chickens ? Never mind maybe u will appreciate when I show more chickens hahaha u r right sometimes stds drop v fast like the enchantress one in Gasing.
Happy New Year!

I got 3 from Yunnan 4 u & kenny ledi kekekeke ! Vely flesh one
Happy New Year !
fatboybakes said…
YUMMYYYY!!!! nothing like a good hainanese chicken rice. you dont like the one in the original nam heong on sultan street meh?

happy new year to you. killing time at the moment before heading off to NY Eve party.
Jackson said…
Wah lau e.....Chicken rice is my NUMBER 1 favourite! Remembered those days in primary school, chicken rice is my daily breakfast/lunch!!! There is one near Kelana Jaya which served a very good "pat cham gai" favourite!
What A Lulu said…
yup! the one in ss4 is also top on lulu's list. chicken very smooth, plus their shredded-ginger sause is the best-est. luv it!
hmm... may go over for lunch today
Michelle said…
happy new year everyone!!~ had a blast at the countdown.. hehhehe

hey.. i just remembered.. how bout the oh-so-famous chicken rice balls??

cheers people~
MeiyeN said…
i love soo kee's steamed chicken!!!!!!!!! :D

happy new year to you and your team! was da new year celebration?
Rasa Malaysia said…
I only like roast chicken rice...I don't like steamed chicken.
dat one also very good !
Bet u had a great time countdown! Got dru.. agin ornot hahaha !

aiyo nowonder u look so fair and handsome !now people know yr secret ledi hehehe

hey how come u oso eat everywhere one ! great good ! v'll sure bump into each other soon...

tks 4 coming back again and great u had a good time. the balls there was one near Goldcourse Hotel what happened ? da one in Melaka is romantically good.....because of the people u know...KL i think don;t have ?

SK's chicken is unique and very tender. bet many people din know that ! We had our usual gathering ...some beers some songs some ladies u know whar i mean ? hahaha

ahh.. u like the dark and handsome ones....just like m.....hehehe
One roast chicken recipe coming up soon ?
Unknown said…
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Dilip Mutum said…
Happy New Year.

First time here. Love the way you describe the dishes.
Michelle said…
goldcourse there got?? Ooo i din know.. but the old one at little india still there.. but getting very exy.. hehehhee used to go there as a kid.. and boy.. the tauke and tauke-soh also quarrel. and i mean REAL loud quarrel. lol~
boo_licious said…
Happy New Year! Wow, definitely a great round up of all the chooks in town. I love the Soo Kee poached chicken and the soup full of yummy things at Kee Kee.
MeiyeN said…
tonixe, oh wow... i caught you! definitely know what you meant ;)
fatboybakes said…
tonixe, heh heh, you guessed right. was a zombie whole of the 1st of january. old liao, cant take two nights partying till late, in a row.
wmw said…
Happy New Year! No updates? Internet problems or still recovering from hangover???? Hee hee...
teckiee said…
ahh ss4 one.... but the owner so pa paiiii
Audrey Cooks said…
Tonixe! wow! look at those chickens! Sincerely hope u guys didn't eat and captured all those in a short period of time. "Intoxicated by chicken!" ha ha ha
hi and happy new year! hope this site doesnt make u wish to come home !

the ball type doesnt really catch on here probably coz some find it a bit unhygienic?

Happy new year and great to have u back !..after a long break

i told u so !

o boy the hangovers !

is it ah ? nex time follow me !

one on our kakis is a Chinese xpert really ! & he can do it(chickens) at one go ( not true , bluffing only !)