Mee Hoon Kuih ( flat wheat dough in soup )

Tear and Dump dancing King of
Taman Berkeley Klang

Its true, when the signboard has faded ( or no signboard ), then somethings good is brewing inside. Step inside to feed yourself. Dark and ancient place (hello this is Klang ok !).

Crowded most times. Hokkian speaking crowd mostly.

Strong Indon presence ( not sure bout flavour )

The young master with 5 pots and perfectly in tandem with 5 Indon lady helpers, 3 underaged ( u bet ) and petitely in waiting ( dats de attraction ).

Sometimes closely supervised by another lady ( Mother I think, just in case..... what with so many err ...side dishes ).

I agree, da dance floor doesn't even look anything like a kitchen !

Only one dish ( actually ), of the pan mee ( noodles ) type but in flat dough form, ('kuih' )

in very complex tasty soup combination with green vege ( choy sum), traces of dried salty carrots, floating overfried onions, boiled pork meat......

& topped up with those distinctive tiny fried crunchy anchovies, standby spiced to fiery climax with cut chilli padis in sauce, if u so need.....

& Add 1 or 2 eggs if still short of protein.

So how does it taste and why drive so far ?

.....because its different and because it is famous !
....but prepare to wait 30 mins or more


MeiyeN said…
wahhhhhhhhh yummy yummy pan mee! i guess i am lucky that i don't need to travel down to klang for this yummy pan mee! i usually manage to have this back at home cause my mom is good at it ;)
Jackson said…
aiya...i wan to complain!! How can u alwiz blog about the food i like so much since i was a kids??? U know how much i miss that place? I didn't visit them now coz of the QQQQQQQQQQQQ....But they do serve a good one
Yinsi Yat said…
Aha, i like pan mee too. My place here the pan mee taste equally good. you should try it some day. hehehe
Tummythoz said…
Totally 4got abt this place. U mention long Q, immediately remember!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Wot sup yo B-S-G G-A-N-G! Just chillin?

There ain't no Mee Hoon Kuih in Penang yo.

What A Lulu said…
lulu was seated on that very same table the last time she makan there!
can tell from the angle you took the picture-mah...
da lucky gal just got more lucky !

ok ok nex time we go 2gether

where this place, u bring me onot ?

the long Q is still v long

Some regular kakis/gluttons chillin out in PJ one up 4 Klang Valley ( at least !) 3 cheers to mee hoon kuih !

I thought it was u, so familiar.... now only u tell me !
Michelle said…
heya... i've been to this restaurant before.. the pan mee WAS really good and famous.. but now.. it is really.. err.. how should i put this.. not that nice anymore.. it's just because.. they're famous and ya.. they're really attracting outsiders and just the same ol' customers..

i'm not trying to be a critic here tho.. but most of my friends told me this too.. i'm from klang btw..

and.. ur pics.. really.. reallyy.. tickles my tastebuds.. =P
don't worry bout commenting on food ! everybody has his/her own preferences u know !

I am also very familiar with Klang, having many friends in bkt tinggi, Sentosa, Meru and Kapar. One of my buddies stays in Tmn Connaught.

( btw, i have tried to enter yr site but couldn't, how come ?)
Michelle said…
oh really.. not so sure bout that thoughh.. my blog aint that pretty on mozilla.. hehehe.. better in IE.. i'm not so good with those html stuff.. something went wrong somewhere..

tmn connaught?? anything good to eat there.. i'm studying there actually for my degree.. and am SO tired of those hongkie-kimgary look-alike cafes around my uni area..
Wennn said…
Tonixe, I luv pan mee too is my all time favourite!! everytime I go back is a must hv thingy! Can eat one bowl and ta pau one bag home to eat la!! Pai seh to eat two bowls there!!! But the one that I always go to is the one at Subang!! Aiya i forgot wat is the place called but it is next to a Malay school. There U hv to queue very long as well. Oh yes besides serving pan mee they hv a stall serving sugarcane water too. It is a family biz la!! If U wan to know I go find out from my cuzzie...... She also a big fan pan mee la!!1 But I am veri lucky my hse mate is very good in making pan mee so when we feel like having just ask her to do it and she will do it on her day off!! Good hor??? When she do I invite U ah!!! hehheheh
Anonymous said…
For those who have tried this Mee Hoon Kueh (MHK) and think it’s yummy…think again. Try making your own. Anyone who knows how to knead the dough knows how to make a bowl of MHK. To achieve the standard of Fatty MHK takes no effort at all. It’s true.
I’ve tried Fatty MHK once, many many years ago and had been telling people since then there’s nothing worth mentioning about. People who think it’s nice have never tried a really tasty one before (and I actually pity them!)
Everybody say their mum cooking is the best, but what I can confirm is Mum’s style MHK is the best in the world.
For me a good MHK must have the following criteria:
1. MHK dough must be prepared 6-8 hours in advance
2. The soup base must not be too salty (Fatty MHK certainly does not meet this criteria)
3. Each bowl of MHK must be cooked individually
4. The most important criteria of all – the dough and soup volume must be proportionate. You should get a slightly thick soup (not clear), too much soup makes the MHK too watery (clear soup).
5. Anchovies is a must, except for people with allergy or those who hate anchovies
6. There’s this specific dark leafy vegetable which is perfect for MHK, but sorry I don’t know what it’s called
7. Fried shallots is a must, I usually put at least one table spoon
8. MHK goes well with cut chili padi in soy sauce
9. Baby Lala is optional but it will make the soup even tastier.

Yesterday (29 Nov 2007), I’ve decided to give Fatty another chance. I went there for dinner with my husband. My comments were:
1. The soup was terribly salty. I could feel my tongue going numb even before I finish half the bowl.
2. The meat was tender; I think it’s nicely done.
3. Anchovies were not bad, quite crunchy.
4. As expected, the soup was watery (clear broth)…zero improvement after so many years. It was so salty; I thought they must have used lots of Ajinomoto.
5. So, I thought to make it a bit tastier (or easier to swallow), I asked for more fried shallot and was shocked when one of the workers warned me that they are going to charge RM0.50 for additional fried shallot…I was speechless then…I finish off the whole bowl (that is my greatest habit since young, even if the food is not tasty) and swore to myself that will be my second and last time. No more chance for Fatty.
TQ so much for your comments , wish you could leave yr name tho !
its true what you have mentioned about MHK , got to be individually prepared and the portions just right , not too dry nor too wet !

You must be a rare food appreciator wish you can come to the site more often , we would wish to share your excellent thoughts ! and yr name if possible too.