Mamak Rojak ( Indian Muslim mixed fruit salad )

Sweet CombinationPopular Indian/Mamak rojak vendor in mobile van & supporting dessert player on the other side of Shell Petrol Station, SS15/3B, Subang Jaya. Hungrily gobbling by the roadside, the kerbs, inside their ice -cooled Toyota Wish or in takeaways, the unusually patient waiting rojak multiracial crowd is 'Truly Malaysia.'

The sweet and mildly spicy combination of a simple looking plastic paper-lined pink plate of mixed fruit & fried dough fritters including cucumber and turnip (jicama) slices, beancurds, potato slices, hard boiled eggs, rendang cuttlefish , then topped with crunchilicious cracked crackers and tenderly smothered with a thick orange peanut flavoured sauce has remarkably captured a big portion of the lunch and teatime snack poppers here in Subang Jaya.

The Q has to be seen to be believed.

The omnipresent rojak companion & best buddy chendol, a sweety, coconut milk flavoured dessert of green strips floating in shredded ice with red beans. RM 1.20

Cut & mix Superstar of the quickie sweet and fresh snack. RM 3.50
Sometimes I never cease to wonder why certain stalls in odd places peddling plain Janes such as these do lots better than other more promising already-fit-all-da-criteria-one highflyers but..well...!
Truly amazing.
Even tho the recipe is not terribly Xciting......or even mildly eyecatching .


boo_licious said…
Yeah, the queue here is always horrendous esp during lunchtime.
MeiyeN said…
weekdays, weekends... this place is always packed! amazing yeah......
Wennn said…
Wah this one I know, when I go back to subang, my cuzzie and I will always go there and ta pau or eat there!! This one see oni I recognized straight away!! LOL
Jackson said…
Yoyoyo!!! I saw the crowd every time i drive pass that place!!!
Yinsi Yat said…
I oni like the cendol !! Rojak mah mah nia.
Anonymous said…
i don't like mamak rojak at all but i like cendol. speaking of cendol, you guys gotta try the penang's famous cendol which is located at a small side lane off penang road. best man! even phua chu kang and rosie visited that stall when they were in penang.

right on this chaps are crazily good !

nex time v go Penang and eat ok !


have tried the chendol Pg one, its v v good !
UnkaLeong said…
Hahah, the queue is crazy. I'll normally order my Cendol when I reach the chopping board of the Rojak Stall.
hey, u sure been everywhere !