Home Made Kedah Goodies in PJ

Shadowy Surprises
Mamak Gang & Chinamen Alley, SS2/4, behind Cheung Kong Restaurant , Off Taman Megah PJ ( adjacent to Perodua Service Centre ), and also near the Kelana-Bahagia LRT track.
Check out the last stall run by a Kedahan Chinese family. Makes grand appearance around 7pm till late at night.

Chai Kuih ( da dainty one ) and its 3 other delectable cousins ( 4 types of vege dumplings ), whatchacallit ?

Signature fried noodles, simply garlicky & Jane ordinary

Mee Java, surprising inclusion and popular too

de Kedah Laksa.
With unmistakable aroma so refreshingly fragrant that the greedy Q stretches and almost touches the shadow of the overhead Kelana/Bahagia PJ LRT line.
Kedah rice vermicelli, firm & stable ( not slippery and elusive a la Penang Assam Laksa ), and if you prefer your gravy less sour and more sweet.................. this is it !
Also de Kedah chilli padi will bring tears of joy ( real ones ) to your eyes....
coz its that real and that hot !
Flavour de cool night long Q, and busk in da sound of de double flow overhead Xpress !


Wennn said…
Can ta pau for me or no ah? Send some kuih for me and also the kedah laksa I like!!!So no tiger meal ah???? Where is the loh foo?????
wmw said…
Hey, I frequent this place too. I get to taste the chai kuih on rare occassions 'cos they are usually sold out by the time I'm there. Just be contented with the laksa with chilli padi!. There was once, I was waiting in the long line and by the time it was my turn (2nd last!), there was not much soup left. They gave me a bowl of tong sui FOC. ha ha...
MeiyeN said…
O_o whoaa... kedah laksa? that's definitely new to me!!!! it looks like assam laksa though... but honestly speaking, my saliva is dripping now and that's because of da less sour and more sweet laksa.. :p
alice said…
hahahhahahahhaha hei hei i like reading ur blog very funny one your posting! good good....will drop by everyday
Fifi said…
Tried ledi..ma ma oni wor!
tiger caught by ace ledi then grind wit tongkat ali will send afterwards with laksa !

they r sure popular ! nex time come before 8 then semua ok !

Kedah laksa( v much like Malay laksa) is also v good, u must try it soon...also infront of Amway 222 Pj area another Xclent Malay laksa stall.

tq, u must come everyday, or else...( where yr Blog ?)

hey when go Sentul big big fish head, dunwolli can tambah tongkak ali !
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the tip, will go try this one as I know roughly where it is. The Amway stall sounds good too.
u must definitely try that Amway one ! A Top 3 winner !
fatboybakes said…
eh, boolicious, organise a food bloggers get together la. this place sounds fascinating.
great idea but think should be in an even darker place like an ancient pub u know, maybe...so got more rustic and shadowy feel ! LOL !
fatboybakes said…
hmm, another reference to a pub...ancient pub sum more ah? in damansara heights? aiya, how come now your picture no more in your profile? i forgot to take a good look.
hahaha !interesting...