Duck Herbal Soup, Lucky Gardens Bangsar, KL

Citiboy Bangsar's clear answer to small town Bidor's dark & rugged star de famous Lucky Gardens, Bangsar ( Lorong Ara Kiri 2 ) Kafesino, where Porkaball Bond Royale noodles emerged winner in November, heavily bruised but still standing.......

& now...... presenting da sequel ......

Bond's tender Counterpart.... steaming hot, fragrantly clear herbalised soup, more than a match 4 Pun Chun Bidor's signature dark gingerly version

Uniquely ducky, tasty and wonderclearsoup par essence. Matching perfectly with Mee Suah ( soft and sticky noodles alternative). Only RM 5 .

Pre and postrecovery nutritional goodness in an easy to consume and delicious soup in bowl ( not dark bottle in screwable cap plse).

...thank goodness


Jackson said…
wow...i think boolicious will like it! She love duck dishes....
MeiyeN said…
i love ducky!!!! open on weekends?
boo_licious said…
LOL at Jackson. This place super popular during lunch. Last time dare not eat here as always so difficult to find parking.
Tummythoz said…
Plenty in Pg but definitely not an ec dish to find in KL. TQ for d heads-up!
Yinsi Yat said…
Wuah!! I liked it. Bidor pun chun ducky chun leh.
Anonymous said…
i'll drink the soup but i won't take the duck. :)

ya, i don't eat duck. and though i do eat chicken, pork and beef, i also prefer the soup than the meat. well i am a 'soupy' person. ;)
fatboybakes said…
u mean its a branch of the bidor one? wow...been going there for yearsssss, but only ever ate the pork ball. oh, in my opinion, the wantan mee in this particular coffee shop, has got to be one of the absolutel, absolute WORST in the world.
really ah ?

YES they are !

shud call us we jockey 4 u only cost one or two pork balls ! LOL

yeah, one more 4 da road !

goodieman, here we come again ( maybe better than tongkak ali heheha ) !

mayb sometime soon u will love bangsar duck...or great u can have de soup, I'll take the solid !

no,dis one is proudly from PG,wanton mee come to think of it I never smelled it ( 2 busy talking 2 da Mogolian lookalike !)!
Michelle said…
me also, that makes 2 !
Michelle said…
hehe.. any christmas "gluttons" to post up???
UnkaLeong said…
Wah...This wan have not try before, hope they are open when I am back during CNY.
might be too late, sorry

better try before CNY then !