Chee Cheong Fun ( flat rice noodles in sauce)

shapes & shades of
de soft & Saucy Temptress
...........spread out l o n g, raw and curviliciously naked. Beautiful & fair Altantuya ( ravishing Mongolian many cannot tahan) look alike just before de big blast.........

Petaling Street (Chinatown), KL 's light n easy version. Oldies Evergreen. Not a virgin Madonna. Still subtly captivating & bringing in da crowds. Dark, saucy & sultry a la Penang , as in Asia Cafe ( Subang Jaya ) and O & S, Paramount Gardens, PJ. With some 'hare ko' or shrimp paste carefully added. Pungently Gong Li. Sticky fingers licking good (?)
de clear & fresh looking Ampang.KL Yong Tau Foo style, also possible with soup. might become 'sar hor fun'... a Michelle Yeoh Ferrari Production

For the diehard curry buff, as in Park Way SS19, Subang Jaya and many more in town. Aishwarya Rai without de napkins. Navel fully Xposed.
Xciting Hong Kong style, freshly steamed to order in prawns or meats, and piquant sauce. SS2 PJ Glutton Square and many more hawker centres. Melts lovingly hot between your lips. Ask QQ.

Teluk Intan,Perak's vivacious and hard2find version, with pickled green chillies and embedded goodies all seductively rolled up. Park Way SS19, Subang Jaya and sometimes in pasar malams. Unfold to discover what lies under..... Eva Green
gorgeous Redhead from Ipoh's Old Town. Classically sweet, tender and alluring, our very own Camelia......
....miss this ( wet pleasure ) at your own peril.....
KL's solid 'Beyoncelicious' buxom shaking glory, as in SS2 Chow Yang, PJ and stall inside corner kopitiam beside State Cinema,PJ .
.....fullbodied, absolutely robust as only Destiny would have it...
So which one r u gonna take home 2 bed tonight ?

Merry Christmas from team BSG!


Wennn said…
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to U Tonixe!!!! Chee cheong fun I like I like!! but hor I tell U I like very simple one I will choose the first one and just gip me some soya sauce will do for me lor!!!! heheheheh of course not forgetting the pickled chillies la......
MeiyeN said…
merry christmas to you!!! O_o omg, so delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! da petaling street one looks good! which part? i wanan try!!!!!!! :D
Michelle said…
hey.. i like the way u describe the food with the bootylicious babes.. hahahah but i can't bring any to bed ler.. y not with hot hunky guys description lehhh?? at least i can fantasize.. ahahahha kidding..

hmm.. i prefer the gongli & beyonce ccf. heheh.. looks good. ehh i din know they serve ccf with pickled green chillies..

oh yeahh.. merry christmas dude~
wmw said…
Wah, chee cheong fun post also can turn sexy one ah? Terror lah! Ha ha ha
wmw said…
Oh, forgot! Merry Christmas to TEAM BSG! May joy, peace, love and food fill your homes!
Anonymous said…
like michelle, i like the way you describe the food. you are good (creative!) with words, toni. yalah but why no use hot hunky guys to describe one... for us girls.

i never know there are so many different kind of chee cheong fun. i had try only 3. curry chee cheong fun (which i don't like), hong kong chee cheong fun (which i like but seldom eat it as damn expensive) and of course the normal classic penang style one (with lots of 'hare koh'). i usually eat chee cheong fun as a 2nd dish!

er... i never heard of chee cheong fun with green pickled chillies... doesn't sound so right to have green pickled chillies with chee cheong fun - nice meh? btw, what are the goodies embedded inside the teluk intan's chee cheong fun?

merry christmas to you, toni!
Jackson said…
merry christmas!!! I think i will love the Teluk inta version!! yummy!
Anonymous said…
I am sooo in trouble looking at your chee cheong fun photos! Great job there on your food blog, you know a lot of places for great food! Thanks for visiting my site too! Oh .. and Merry Christmas to you :-)
Anonymous said…
Wah wah! Got so many types of chee cheong fun wan ar? If got chance, I want to try all ler. I like my ccf ala Penang and also once I tried curry ccf in Sri Serdang, it was delicious! Teluk Intan ccf ok lar. Wish they weren't so stingy with the ingredients 'imbedded' inside. Probably went to the wrong stall. I must save this post for future ref. Thanks.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
UnkaLeong said…
Seasons Greetings! Tried the one from the old Sea Park market yet?

I'd go with the Ipoh 1 anytime;)
Anonymous said…
Which reminded me of the chee cheong fun in Old Town, Ipoh. Everytime we return to Ipoh, my sister and I insist that we eat it before leaving. Hhaha, so addicted to it :)
teckiee said…
this post just reminded me of all that chee chiong fun pictures i have. Merry Christmas!
Great, I oso vely simple 1 !
did u have good fun Xmas ?

just opposite of da mata kuching drink stall...many matsaleh also try 2 eat but neber finis one hehehe

most men usually fantasize on wonderful women and good food, dont u guys ?! Gongli & Beyonce r just great, even without the chillis ! Happy New Year, hope 2 c u soon in Telawi ok !...or BBK ?

sure indeed ! wine, women, song...
TQ & Happy New Year 2007 ! here BSG comes !

TQ, but I m not able to do de reverse bout hunky men...may be Meiyen, Boo, Babe, WMW,or RM's territory yes ladies ?! de secret embedded green version which u r not acquainted with yet is mysteriously satisfying. Try it soon...

yes ! u should bring Lucia to try when she comes in from Seremban hehehe

lianne last I can hear from "that pretty lady" ! Tks 4 coming over. Do the others know u yet, let me introduce....

sweet sounding name,welcome to BSG.
We r sort of like u,must have great value then only can !

not yet SEApark, must find it soon. Cambodian food next on yr blog? Teckkie( below ) was there not too long ago. Should Xchange notes with her, those creepy cr....!

in my kampong we love v red CCF with yams. Ipoh one oso I love !Cannot find in KL, I think.

Happy New Year, so Bangsar or Bkt Bintang this Countdown ?
MeiyeN said…
O_o ohhhhhhh thanks for da info! ;)
tigerfish said…
"Teluk Intan,Perak's vivacious and hard2find version, with pickled green chillies and embedded goodies "...are the embedded goodies preserved raidsh(chai po) and some minced meat. I've had this in Sg before. YUm Yum!
u r welcome !

welcome to BSG!
u r right, it might contain chai po and minced meats/prawns of varyious types depending on vendor.All nice and great for a light meal.
Melting Wok said…
hahahaha, I scratch out The(one) temptress !! You are also the creme of the cheongfuns crop :) Btw, I have almost forgotten Paramount Garden, is tt close to tt Taman Selera, does it still exist ? :)
melting wok

hahaha v funny...
Is there a Taman Selera ? I din know !
It still does exist( & stronger) neighbouring SEAPARK/Sec 14
Anonymous said…
Trylah the roadside stall in SS2 opposite Kimarie. Night time only. They also have the Teluk Intan version. I like to have it with just plain curry or chilli sauce.
thank you for yr comments.
We have actually tried this stall. One of us always tapau back home from here.
Yes they are quite good with many varieties too !
Anonymous said…
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