Banana Leaf Rice ( Indian rice ), KL/PJ

Lord of the C U R R I E S

Banana Leaf Rice is an Xciting gourmet adventure not for the faint eyed nor those with weak stomaches. Colourful, hot and spicy it is a Southern Indian rice specialty creating waves in the bigger towns in Malaysia. Served over a freshly laid green & glossy waterproof veiny banana leaf it is for vegetarians and meat lovers alike, and has even achieved some kind of cult following among many upscale Muslim food connoisseurs and is fully entrenced in BSG's Gastronomical Hall of Fame. To fully appreciate BLR you must be aware of a few important things. Actually 3 only.... freshness of ingredients, right curry gravies and right serving timing....

Try these onsite tests below ............& E N J O Y da H E A T ( + sweat )...

Brickfields( Little India) KL 'Indian Rice' stall within Chinese kopitiam beside most busy traffic lights junction. Quickie service by mouthful of Indon babes .....and so lip- smacking spicy Little India authenticity ( that you expected ) sadly missed . Room temperature curries and ready-fried chicken drumsticks & fish fillets further alienate our disturbed appetites.
Nirvana Maju,(happening Bangsar) Telawi ( KL ) area. With a name like that and smack in da middle of hip hop pub land, sure attracts cute Yuppies from near and far, and some Xpats too. A natural arena of people-watching nirvana ( in same league as Devi's de other corner ) packed with lovey dovey SYTs & nervous head-turning sugar Daddies at all hours. Borderline case ........ its not da food here lah dude..

Lotus, PJ. The famous one in Jln Gasing. Xpensive furnishings & decor ( .....those bells & Merry Xmas welcomes ! ), aircon comfort, Maharajah- like uniformed tuxedo waiters in whites. Golden ready -fried chicks and fillets in amazingly awesome colours ! Ostentatious but really besides the point.

Sri Paandi, Jln Chantek, Off Jln Gasing PJ.
Not a bad place but clearly outclassed by its infamous big big neighbour. Too close 4 comfort. Lucky can catch some overflowing traffic tho.

Kanna, S 17, PJ. Great trees under alfresco ambience. Nice winds. Wonderful crowds at most times. Good fast service. Authentic. Classic. Big menu. You are almost there.

Raju's, Jln Chantek, PJ ( Sri Paandi's next door nemesis ). Huge corner lot with classic big tree ambience. Unbelievable crowd. ( See those health freak dieting( OMG!) Gasing Hill walkjogkaton Gang there walloping away ?!). Extra dark & hot cholesterol free (? ) bitter sweet fish and chicken curries. On the spot fried succulent fish and meats to (almost) perfection. An Xperience not 2 b missed. Gluttony in motion......truly

Kavitas Curry House, S5, PJ . The One. If not for its incomparable cholesterol loaded always hot perfectly brewed curries , then 4 its patented Xtraxotic sweet, sour & hot chillis, mint and sambal petai ikan bilis sauces. Very Indian , from da dimunitive cashier to the Chief Cook.
All shops charge a basic rice and vege package ranging from RM 3 to RM 5 with unlimited top-ups. The mouth-watering array (esp Raju's) of fresh meats, fishes and other marine exoticas on display are charged separately, and may cost more than a few Bombs so..........beware...
Banana Leaf Rice, a Malaysian (Indian) institution. A gastronomical adventure, and lunchtime lesson in racial unity.
eating tips:
1 Aways insist on real banana leaves. Reject imitation almost lookalike fake plates.
2 It is desirable to use hands and fingers
3 Try to drink only ice kosong ( it will save u money for the cannot- tahan Giant Prawns )
4 Insist on hot frieds straight from the frying pans, timing is everything !
5 Always end with one fresh yellow banana
And remember there will be no dagings...... that is found in Kayu


J said…
I just came back from a heavy Xmas Brunch and looking at the yummy Banana Leaf Curry photos is (scarily) making me feel hungry again.

(Eh, no Raju's Banana Leaf??)
Wennn said…
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....... Stomping feet liao....... U just posted my all time favourite can't be miss when go bek to M'sia and a must hv thing eventho hv sorethroat diearhea also die die must hv "BANANA LEAF RICE"........Aiya I dun wan to come ur blog liao... U make me wan to go home now this instant to hv it la!!!!! Here dun hv this kind of rice la............Bad for my eyes... faster faster close eyes liao and go and dream la that I am bek home........
Michelle said…
nice one. there's something that my friend told me long ago that i'm not sure if it's true a not.

We had our lunch (banana leaf rice) at taman danau desa. after eating, she taught me how to 'fold' the banana leaf.

if u think the food is nice.. you fold it into half upwards.. and if you think the food is just okk.. then fold it downwards.. get what i mean? hehhehe.. eventually i folded it upwards.. and the waiter smiled and gave me thumbs-up. Hahhaha.. true ar??

i went to the lotus before. Good good.. even just hot rice and thick curry gravy on the banana leaf.. it's good enough for me.. the fragrant is mouth-watering.. *slurps*
fatboybakes said…
how odd, just had roti canai yesterday at raju's after a long long time and you're right, poor sri paandi lah. i had half a mind to go there instead, but the alfresco setting of raju's was too inviting.

ARGH, you're killing me by the way... (with curiosity that is)
boo_licious said…
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. I love Mathai's fried fish, the fried sotong in Kanna, the onion gravy in Acha's, the fried ikan bulus in Raju's and their super garing roti canai.
lucia said…
whoo! i love curry! the more hot it is, the better. (lebih pedas, lebih sedap).

i had try the one at jalan chantek (think raju's... or er...sri paandi) before when i was in kl to attend a meeting at the nearby la salle centre. not really that good - average. the rest, i don't know! once a kl friend did took me to try indian rice at a small stall near central market, forgot its name.
Tummythoz said…
Haha! That was my Christmas day's lunch!
What A Lulu said…
ooooooooo...lulu didn't know that there's a sri paandi next to raju's. has it been there long?
the paandi vs paandi at sect 12 - lulu prefers the middle paandi cos service better. and that's probably cos they have less customer.
lulu loves the fried bitter gourd. so, those which has it on their selection is a winner for lulu
fatboybakes said…
i love deep fried bitter gourd. where to get good one ah? paandi one good or not?
Yinsi Yat said…
oh boy! i miss that banana leaf rice from brickfield. It is nice to pay a visit there.
UnkaLeong said…
I normally wash everything down with Resam. Sri Devi's (Opposite Wisma FAM in Kelana Jaya) = worth a visit...
Rasa Malaysia said…
Looks like Team BSG was out and about eating and snapping even during the holidays...good for you.

BTW, how come the fish in the few dishes above looked "cacat" like that? Like no head, the body fell apart? I am sure they were delicious nonetheless.
Raju's right down there with da best

ok tonight I take u out 4 BLR, de shop near Picadilly Square. Pick u up usual time, dun b late !

yr friend is right, there is some kind of eating etiquette which adds an authenticity 2 the whole cultural Xperience !

I know u r a diehard BLR fan ! Must check that bitter gourd thing, I din realise.

Great, another Indian Rice super connoisseur !Happy eating 2007 !

U r a true blue Malaysian. Hot & spicy ?! U might need to Xperience another time to gauge true feelings....

can have another round wat !

Yeah, Paandi has been around v long. Bitter gourd is not found in all BLR shops I believe

I m still waiting 4 u , quickly we bling piau meis 2gether !

will do TQs

haha glad u noticed, coz team BSG gluttonized them to cacat pieces !
MeiyeN said… cool! must really try it one fine day cause i never have any banana leaf rice before!
alice said…
lotus pj is my favourite place... such a good post of yours
yes kwikly ask daling bling u there, or BSG will !

Lotus is very famous, glad u like the place. & thank you 4 compliments !( wheres yr site ?)
Anonymous said…
Wow, that is really a lot of curries.
there sure are lots of them here in KL, try them all if u can !
welcome to BSG ! Great to know u love BLR too. I have discovered only lately many ladies crave for this dish also ! I have yet to try Yatra maybe soon when I M there.
Cheers !
yr comments r in my email but strangely not in this comment post.
Anyway many tks for visiting this site and great to know u have actually gone to enjoy Kavitas !

Yes Adrianna has mentioned Yatra also, looks like I have to rush there as soon as I am back in KL !
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