Almost Penang Rojak ( mixed fruit salad )

All Mixed -up in Atria, Damansara Jaya, .PJSlicer Xtraordinaire & his fresh produce.. See the laminated magazine cutting proudly displayed ? ( multivitamin fresh review by Brian Yap of Klue Magazine ). Everyday from morning till 6pm ( even boozers from Step In ( de pub ) loves it ). Many more say he's da best in PJ/KL ( much better than the guy outside GH, Jln Pahang )
de cuts and pieces of fresh bouncy sengkuang ( jicama), cucumber, half-riped papaya, unripe mango, almost ripe pineapple, beansprouts(unauthorised), kangkong(horror of horrors) and fried dough fritters (crackers )
enter the sticky rojak sauce/paste combination of ?? + shrimp paste + grounded peanuts+belacan+??+chillis+black colour

Add more chunky peanuts and voila !
get your skewers ready.........
The ladies ( & me too) just love this pungently deliciously health food !
enjoy !


Wennn said…
Wah I like la..... Looks yummy I love the keropok with the sauce la!!! Aiyo sliver all droppin everywhere liao!! Atria I know where I used to work part time there la....
Babe_KL said…
i tried this stall before but i still prefer the one in ttdi, across KFC side
Jackson said…
Aiyoyoy...what a nice picture of rojak!!! i wan i wan!
MeiyeN said…
fruit rojak? i never try before but it looks good!
UnkaLeong said…
Is the Tau Cheong Soi stall still next to it?
Rasa Malaysia said…
You are right about "Almost Penang Rojak." Take out the kangkong, bean sprouts, and the prawn fritters and you have the real Penang rojak.

Kangkong should go into Ju Hu Eng Chai (cuttlefish and kangkong) and bean sprouts and prawn fritters should go into Pasembor (for Penang style). However, the KL/PF version is certainly different. All mixed up and fusion! LOL. ;)
Anonymous said…
I like my rojak with plenty of pineapples!! =)
wmw said…
Many years ago, while I was in Rawang, I had a chance to taste one of the best rojak. Think it was in Bandary Country Homes. I've not been back there. So, any of you know of the stall?
din no u work here before !

let me check out de TTDI one soon,
btw was almost drunk when saw that dish again in kepong hahaha !

I send some to u in Eng Ann, u call Chyi Chyi first !

dis one common wat i thought then girls like one ?

yep he's still there believe it or not !

Rasa M
these guys r out of control already ! You better come home to help ! hahaha

then u r like even more people who choose only one fruit and mix ownself with selected sauce in plastic bag, its more straighforward I guess.

I havent come across that in Bandar CH, my last visit there was years ago ! i remember one special steamed & fried pork trotter by the little lake dunno whether still there ? anybody know ?

maybe should ask BooLC 2 check it out ! hehehe
Tummythoz said…
Beansprouts in rojak?? Kangkung & unripe papaya, I'm ok. But taugeh??IMO, ewws.
Anonymous said…
yummy! yummy! ahha penang rojak is da' best! i love my rojak very spicy.

yes penang version does not have beansprout but i had try once before one stall (forgot which) that provide beansprout if you want it. i try it, it's quite ok.
fatboybakes said…
where exactly is this place in relation to atria?
looks like u like taugehs only clear not dark

yeah most ladies love Pg rojak

Its along a side road ( the same one where Liberty Pub used to be )opposite the side entrance of Atria Shopping Centre
Yinsi Yat said…
yummy ..yummy..!!look delicious.

woi where u been ah, looking 4 u lah !
What A Lulu said…
babe's right. you MUST try the one in Tmn Tun. if you see a lady there ordering rojak special, mm oi lat chiu, mm oi mong kor, that's probably lulu!
really ah ( must wait 2 catch u soon )