High Tea in Maxwell Hill, Taiping

Blue skies, green ferns, & Cool Crisp Breeze of Maxwell Hill, Malaysia's oldest hill & least developed Scottish ambienced resort, @ 3800 h i g h up among the white clouds

tea for 2 , Cendana backGardens, with xquisite flowers for company
only regret, left my Chivas at home...sigh...

cool.... and refreshing, its still possible here

..............a welcome-d break from de h a z e ( & Zakaria too, that fall guy)


Yinsi Yat said…
fuiyohh..nice place to be there.
Shanghai Fish said…
You are one lucky devil to have had a holiday in Taiping. Man there is so much of places to see and eat great food I don't know where to start. And the food is so damn cheap compared with KL. One such out let is in Kamunting called Eden restuarant, not like in Penang lah but good, cheap and decent food and 'inchi cabin' my favourite man.And Maxwell is great right ?
Any been busy lately but now back at my favourite watering hole lah the NPC! hope to see you there sometime soon, in the meantime take care and cheers !
now that's I called Hi-tea
if you dine in that place
Rasa Malaysia said…

Now can you please tell me what you do for a living (I know you said you're a consultant on your profile!). You seem to be traveling a lot, have fun and eat very well! :)
ace 1
when we go skydiving high high again ?

great 2 have u back. yeah Taiping is sure nice, esp the lake. i missed the Kamunting thing thonext time must remember.My friend gila inchikabin one actually( with beer)
c u soon !

can do that also in casinoland !

hahaha, I am working for an automotive aftercare franchise operator with outlets across the country and that is how i get to travel off and on ! & the locals always recommend their chui pai one !

wait 4 u to return then I shall take u along sometime ok !
MeiyeN said…
wow...very nice photos! never been to this place... nice scenery!
rokh said…
hi. seem like you've been traveling the whole north! glad you dropped by taiping (my hometown) and enjoyed the view and food :)

tks, actually I would have loved to continue to Penang but stopped at Taiping !

Maxwell Hill is v v beautiful and the Lake Gardens ( n zoo ) de best in Malaysia, and the food of course !...I will be back