Steaming Grandmaster of Peel Road, KL

This short road ( a left turn where Jln Pudu ends and Cheras comes into view ) leads to one of the most authentic backStreet Chinaman food enclaves in KL ( the others being the Pudu area, Jln Tong Shin and Petaling Street ), and still surprisingly & admirably managing to retain its original colonial name. In those days the narrow, hot and dusty road was overcrowded with food stalls n etc selling 'everything under the sun' amidst run down car and motorbike workshops and other messy cottage industries.

Today it is where nearby Hypermarket Carrefour has set up tent and the area has now acquired a newfound status. But thank de (gastronomical ) Gods it has lost none of its old world charms and continues to draw hungry & well-informed gluttons in their fanciful Cefiros and Hiluxes. Close by, the other icon, de sacred Peel Road Convent is still shining like a beacon, albeit a bit fainter now..... what with all the thunderous UMNOkerising & then ....the massive kiasu crowds of neighbourly Carrefour.
Finally you know where to find this exoticly rare & most Chinaman of Chinese delights, the superior grey matter emperor- steamed with secret Xian herbs in an ancient pot ( circa probably the Ming Dynasty )......... 4 de goodness of clear rich herbal essence, to give that refreshing and enlightened karmarish high..........

The incomparable diligently bred, selected and tenderliciously steamed fresh from the ponds red Tilapia fish ( origins Africa ) with all its brown beans sauce , ginger ,spring onions, chilli padi & pepperised multi-splendours...that even da greats LalaChong of Subang and 5 Star Tai Thong , after many years of trying and emulating..... still cannot even come close...2 de Sifu's inscrutable recipe.
All 15 mins of subtle Xquisite hissing steaming essencing ...........till RM15 perfection.
Even ChinShiHuangTi would be proud.
Indisputably no 1................ anywhere.
Hin Kee..... of PEEL ROAD...........


Yinsi Yat said…
Wah!! that bowl of chinaman chinese delights with secret xian herbs after taking it 'viagra' also kenot fight la!!! Muahahaha..
MeiyeN said…
O_o what soup is that?????? looks like a brain to me....
Anonymous said…
ugh! that grey matter (yes, another word for brain) herbal soup looks yucky to me. i would love the soup but not the grey matter!! do people really eat that? it belongs to which animal?

the tilapia fish looks delicious though.
boo_licious said…
the fish looks yummy! Not too sure abt the soup though, kinda scary. So based on aceone's comment, was it really like Viagra? Am sure it's cheaper than those blue pills.
this place has been around 4 sometime and is famous 4 steamed herbal soups ( black chickens,wild life etc ) which many believe is among the top in KL.

Others refer to this place as da 'Fei Chau Yee' one( African Fish shop ).

hallo dis one only 5 ringgit, blue boy is 90 ringgit lah how to fight..
Xian boy strong like Emperor one !

should bring yr bf to try, its indescribablicious little bit taufufa but taste really special.If bf don't like tell me !

as u know looks r deceiving, imagine its soyfufa lah, de fish is first class, exactly as I described no holds barred !

hey how can u be scared, de white thing sits right on top of the backStreet charts lah.

the feichauyee is de best this style, Bkt Tinggi's ( Genting) Xtralicious Deep Fried is another classic story....( if haven't try call Mr Kah ) LOL
MeiyeN said…
O_o a little bit like taufufa? Hmmmm..... tell me, tell me, what's that!!!!! :p else, how am i suppose to tell him what food that i am bringin him to try?
just tell him its fair,nice,warm & wonderful, 1 in a million & absolutely unforgetable...

.....between da ears hahaha.....

tang tong 'chee noe' lah
fatboybakes said…
hi tonixe, thanks for dropping by at my blog. i love your food pics....wah, people like you and masak masak makes me wanna give up taking pictures.
fatboybakes said…
wow, what a fantastic blog. just finished going thru after initial comment. can i link you to mine? i think i put on 2kgs just by going through your blog......salivate...
for a "east coast" consultant, you sure eat a heck of a lot in KL....hahaha.
MeiyeN said…
tonixe, ohhhhhhhh so it's pig's brain!!!!! mind to tell me da exact location?
tks for comments, sure link is up !

from Pudu jail go to end of Pudu Road ( yew roundabout ), then when see traffic lights turn left, can see Jln Peel ?

Wennn said…
Errr wat soup la looks like monkey brain la??? But the fish looks delicious la!!

actually it is pigs brain n tastes powerful !
Anonymous said…
'chee noe' is my favourite. yummy...i used to ask my mum to buy for me...just clean it and pour some red wine on it...add a bit of sugar and steam on top of rice. mmmhh...out of this world! i haven't eaten it for a few years oredi...the place is called Hin Kee in Peel Road?

but the 'tau fu far' is absolutely bad for the heart...hahaha...i read it's bad for cholesterol.

great blog!

welcome to BSG ! the tau fu far should be eaten only sparsely its too potent !
Anonymous said…
this is an excellent blog. *drool* food looks awesome. I want me some steamed fish as well!