Penang Prawn Noodles, shootout@highnoon in the Valley

Hare mee, Penang mee,Prawn mee, Hokkian mee, Mee yoke ?
no matter, its the same thing.....

Finally, after incessant nagging and (pleasure) from the delectable Ms L, the ever accomodating BSC team was summoned to put to rest the answer to the unavoidable question :

.... who in the Klang Valley can lay claim as the undisputed one worthy to stand beside the praying mantis Prawn Mee King of Jln Macalister, Penang?

Braving through horrendous traffic jams, rude drivers, the rain and lack of clear directions, the roving gluttons after much deliberation, tension and suspense ( + enjoyment ) filed the result of this clash of the titanic prawns :

Contender 1 : Taman Tun,KL ( Yong Len , Mohd Fuad area )
husband & wife team from Penang (where else )
typically Penang minus the mantis prawns
mee/beehoon, beansprouts,pork slices, kangkong & sliced small prawns

ambience like in Beach Street Pg, noisy, crowded and hot

visuals beh pai ( like real not bad )

aroma oo hare bee ( prawny & porky )

first taste eh sai lah, ( can be eaten , very fresh )

sound effects wonderfully crunchy ( like the Sarawak Laksa, Bangsar )

accuracy chun and ho chiak ( delicious !)

Contender 2 : the original franchised 'Lim mee yoke' in Chow Yang, SS2 PJ
eccentric friendly man ( dunno from where ) & Burmese assistants

ambience typically PJ kopitiam

visuals swee ( nice )

aroma chau choe tang pok ( prawny, means pungently fragrant )

first taste beh pai lah ( ok lah )

sound effects chin chia ping siong ( very normal only )

accuracy chou pu toeerr ( so so )

Contender 3 : the much talked about Jln Pudu,KL between Pos M'sia & Jln Yew roundabout
man & woman team, always busy with big pot of prawn shells

ambience authentic and truly backStreet

visuals dark and mysterious

aroma lightly pungent

first taste mild, need more chilli

sound effects need another amplifier

accuracy couldn't shoot straight

last but not least, the 4th contender,
.....from da annals of the

Definitive Guide to Malaysian Cuisine

  • O&S,Paramount Gardens prawn mee

  • The Shootout Verdict ?

    O&S is still standing.....but precariously supported by only a tiny prawn whisker............&

    Contender 1 has been slightly wounded

    Contender 2 needs outpatient treatment for mild concussion &

    Contender 3 needs to be hospitalised temporarily 4 further observation ,


    Along the sidelines near the Saloon where the Honourable Judges ( Ace 118 & Co ) are seated;

    Champs of Centrepoint, Bandar Utama,PJ &

    Kepong Jo, of Kepong Baru KL are waiting...& smiling

    ......4 Round 2....!!!

    . this space...


    Wennn said…
    Aiyoh make me wanna go back to M'sia oredi!! They look inviting la!!!!
    Yinsi Yat said…
    Eh ..contender 4..prawn mee in Kepong Baru is equally good and tasty!!hehehe..
    Anonymous said…
    ah ya i like that prawn mee in macalister road with its praying mantis.

    i haven't try prawn mee in kl before!

    thanks for dropping in my blog. from the link, i came here and was surprise to find your blog is a food blog. i love it and will be dropping in often.
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    Hey Toni,

    This Hokkien Mee looks very Penang and very delicious. So I approve! :P
    What A Lulu said…
    the champs one way.......... too mahal. lulu remembers when it was 12.xx plus ice lemon tea for lunch. took my nephews there recently after a long absence. wah!!!!! what was it... 17rm or 18rm a bowl? almost fainted.
    Anonymous said…
    O&S Restaurant wins it hands down for PJ area.
    wmw said…
    I normally head to Yong Len's. Always ask to "kar liew" - add the prawn and pork slices!
    maybe u could let us know how's the prawn mee over there !

    ace 118
    the hoo kee yee is a little too sweet 4 my liking, but their uniformed staff looks impressive !

    welcome aboard and u should try
    the O&S in Paramount Gardens, PJ if you r here

    thanks for your OK, now I can proceed to other Pg dishes !

    u r absolutely right, that Champs place I avoid, even tho I frequent the one downstairs run by his bro Bernard who serve excellent Penang fare too

    aye aye 4 O&S !

    this is one hard working & exotic lady, good too( I mean the mee)
    MeiyeN said…
    wow wow wow.. da prawn noodle looks yummy yummy!!!!!!!
    PabloPabla said…
    I think Yong Len's prawn mee is quite good though the soup can be a tad too sweet. Kepong quite good but too many ka liu (add this and that).
    Wennn said…
    Wah Toni, here the prawn mee in Uk how to compare with back home ler!! They dun put everythin wan la!! chin chai oni!1 Ok next time when I go to m'sian restaurant and I will take pic let U see!!
    c if v kin share the Sg Dua version soon!

    try the Champs version if u r around Bandar Utama, with their humongous bowl !

    I'll belanja u when u r here ok, ace118 kin take u to disco after that !