Nasi Lemak ( Malay fragrant rice), KL

Nasi Lemak, a Malay rice meal of coconut flavoured rice, and sprayed with fried anchovies, groundnuts, cucumber slices and eggs..... & topped up ( sometimes anchored ) with that all dominating elusive spicy sweet or sour or hot or ??? SAMBAL... is perhaps the most popular and famous of Malay Cuisine. Some say it is Malaysia's national dish. ( ..........maybe )

Its pungently fragrant but irresitable mix of coconut milk-pandan leaf- ginger- salt enhanced RICE with its top-secret-recipe of fermented-shrimp-onion-chilli based 'SAMBAL' pastes and rendangs ( chilli/curry pastes ) goodies of mainly cuttlefish and meats come in all shapes and sizes across de backStreets pf Kota Baru, the beaches of Pangkor, the foothills of lovely Penang, the Chinese kopitiams of Muar, the fishing trails along Lake Kenyir, the 5 star buffet spread of Seri Melayu......and Hongky Tongky Chan Char Tengs of Shopping Malls.

Some addicts ( and I have seen too many !) insist on gobbling it whole only if splashed with multi -coloured sambals and 'semua taruhs' making the molehill-turned mountain meal look like a monstrous cross between an xpired chicken/beef slaughterhouse and Kayu's infamous multicoloured curry broth gone astray.

Also there are many pervasive & controversial Xperts /Connoisseurs on NL out there but anyway...

...listed below is BSG's Top 6 picks for de Classical Malay Nasi Lemak hotspots in Kuala Lumpur....

........ratings have been intentionally avoided because my fellow BSG kakis say it will be futile.......

SS2, PJ. Morning breakfast long-queue favourite between BHP petrol and Police Stations. Plateless wonder and most customers are nearby residents and office workers. Watch out for the spit and spills. Middle of the road kinda place. Don't score in looks dept & beware the heavy breathing guy panting behind you, coz he's so worried you r gonna sweep the last drumstick still standing .......

NL Tanjung Puteri, Sri Hartamas, da kinda place you would want to impress your bf/gf ! Just an elevated stones throw away from junction of Desa Hartamas, Mont Kiara and Sri Hartamas. Night only. Xcellent oldies ambience but marred by 21st Century automobile fumes . A bit too near traffic lights...homely decor and demure Cashier ( I can swear she's nice ok ). Incomparable ikan bilis and peanuts ! Strange fragrance of fragrant rice but otherwise good overall.

NL Chik Gu, Kelana Jaya, PJ. One time de NL, much sought after with a string of franchised stalls all over. Seems however to be fading... Fried Chickens tops. Chunky onionised sambal with standout flavour.

NL Tanglin (Foodcourt), near Bkt Aman HQ, KL. Morning till habis. Enter Lake Gardens from Jln Parliament. First turning left Jln Tanglin to reach Jln Cendarasari. Big tree ambience. Efficient all round performer. Large crowd. Quickie service. What can I say ?

de NL Antarabangsa, Kg Baru KL. Night service only. Looks tempting, right ? Best bouncy but firm sotong for miles around. Almost perfect what with International Gourmets presence and rich cultural heritage in Malay Heartland. Not to be missed for die hard NL fans ! But sambal feels strange ( like some Thai sauce...) and then got certain a i r bout the place.

NL RA, Jln Raja Abdullah, KL. Road cuts across Jln Sultan Ismail ( the one going to Concorde Hotel ) into two. Left to Kg Baru, right to NL RA. Morning till finito. Laid back ambience. Best daging rendang . X C llent in all aspects. WYSIWYG. BSG's pick.
So what r u waiting for ?


UnkaLeong said…
There's one over at KDU which i recommend giving a try. The sotong (especially the Janggut) is to die for.
Yinsi Yat said…
You everyday also eat 'leng yeah' you sure must be a fat boy!! kakaka.
Jackson said…
aiyoyo!!! I can't resist the sambal sotong la!!! *drool*
Wennn said…
Wah I luv the sambal sotong la!! Waaaaaaa... I wanna go home liao.......... *sob* *sob*..
Anonymous said…
But nasi lemak is only nice if the sambal is fragrant and the groundnuts and anchovies are crunchy!! Even in Terengganu (where the Muslims dominate the state), it is quite a task to look for the "perfect nasi lemak", hhhaha :)
thks 4 dropping by. Will definitely hunt the janggut out since u r still dying for it even in BKK !

now only 250 lbs, so can still put another 50 no problem

after yr BKT party in Klang u should organise another one to look 4 janggut sotongs !

ok another sotong on the way 2 you. AX acceted !

actually people say its not the sambal lah neither the music...nor the rice..... its the fun of enjoying it with the right persons ( like me or ace , we won't say u r overweight or underweight or what ! We will just smile and admire de ....u know err...)
MeiyeN said…
wow wow wow! *drools* though i don't take rice but those mouth watering nasi-lemak really tempt me to try it out!!!! ;)
Anonymous said…
i love nasi lemak but always prefer the conventional type - wrapped in banana leaves with ikan, ikan bilis, telur, udang (all or either one) - not the ones with other dishes like chicken. i don't fancy eating nasi lemak with chicken!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Toni - I cannot tahan liao, have to make my own nasi lemak soon! ;P
fatboybakes said…
wow, out of that list, i've only eaten at tanglin and antarabangsa... must go try. (and at antarabangsa usually after late night out with lots of booze, so anything tastes good when in that state).
Anonymous said…
Admire your head la.. :))
boo_licious said…
I thought it was only me which thinks Antarabangsa's sambal is strange tasting - in fact my friends and I say it's all chilli boh. My ultimate fav is still RA followed by Tanglin and then Tanjung Puteri.
these are really filling ones I can tell u, unlike the small bungkus type

quite a few people prefer the simple paper/banana leaf wrapped types, some r xcellent too !

with yr xpert cooking, nasi lemak in the States should be a breeze....

hahaha, Nasi Lemak n Carlsberg, dats an intoxicating one alright. My kakis love the bungkus type served in some pubs in Dsara Perdana,PJ

ooops !...but I'll still admire...

boo-l c
Now that we have 'confirmed' it I think I know which chiliboh brand AB uses, I am trying to get it from a Thai rest. soon ( that will make us all Xperts in making antarabangsa NL) ! yep, RA is a classic !
Unknown said…
hai..hope u don't mind if i comment in malay..hehe..
sya suka sgt mkn nasi lemak..esp yg ade kacang n telur dadar..haha..silap ari bulan, dua pinggan blom tentu cukup lagi..

webmaster of
Anonymous said…
some suggestions for good nasi lemak:
1. village park at uptown
2. nasi kandar spring at kota damansara
3. sea park mamak (night only) - the fried chicken here is awesomely awesome.

Tongue of Fury
The Malaysian Food Review
Unknown said…
I still prefer NL Bungkus. NL Tangling just near to my office, I kinda don't like it, I don't know why...
terima kasih dan selamat datang ke BSG. Ya nasi lemak memang ada banyak kaki suka. Tapi Kelantan nasi dagang pun best !

will make sure I check out those awesomly awesome ones u have mentioned, tks.

I know why, bcoz the bungkus ones got nice sweet lady selling !
Actually many people I know have the same feelings like u, no like big nasi lemak just the tiny one in banana leaves. I love the bungkus type in small towns with tiny fish, prawns or ikan bilis, then also can tapau for piau meis ! hehehe
Tummythoz said…
Was away for a short while. Came back & got hit by your drooling NL reviews! Nasib baik this morning I bought a good sotong janggut NL from my fav stall at d Masjid Jamek LRT stn! If not, sure will b jabbing d monitor!
great to have u back again, looks like u r a nasi lemak fan thru n thru !

enjoy !