Nasi Kandar ( Indian Muslim rice buffet )

Di KAYU, di Rolls Royce of Malaysian Indian ( Mamak ) cuisine 1/2 rice,a small squid, a slice of tenggiri fish, cabbages & pappadum crackers.
per plate ( above ) RM 11, ( comparable Malay version below RM5 ).

& who can blame them ?

Favoured choice of the Rich & Famous, & rich hunting ground 4 di other kind of yuppy.

Sinfully scrumptious, & a culinary masterpiece ( ...some say ...)

Di Kayu, Tesco Damansara Perdana, PJ

From a humble hawker on foot balancing 2 big containers on a pole in those days to a multimillion ringgit 24 -hr chain of maverick truly well-connected restaurants, the one time stall in Chow Yang SS2 PJ is now a future global player.

Have you revisited them yet ?


Yinsi Yat said…
Wakaka..i tried it before. Not to bad.
Tummythoz said…
For brunch/lunch then zzZZzZZzzZz until dinner time. Satisfaction guaranteed!
Anonymous said…
Always thought that they are overpriced, still do. Taste good though.
PabloPabla said…
I think overrated ler...but that's just my taste bud.
Anonymous said…
ya kayu's nasi kandar had been over-rated. damn expensive and not really that no. 1 nice!

for that price of RM11 one can have a complete set lunch already (some restaurants).
Rasa Malaysia said…
Is this Kayu the same Kayu as the Penang Kayu? :P
just finished my banana leaf rice at Kanna S17,PJ with BSG gang.

'T' commented he prefers Indian food to mamak food, but 'C' said he can't tell the difference, while 'O' said Kayu is way too popular so can 'simply charge' where the Kayu Chow Yang SS2 PJ area is packed always with big shots & police cars ( where they r charged cheaper ?!), etc etc.

So everybody, that says a lot about Kayu's image here in KL, and is reflective of many of your comments too, thank you.

I patronise Kayu about once a year ( normally only for teh tarik 4 RM 1.5, n becoz I have to wait 4 somebody ) hahaha !

yes, RM they are one and the same

( BTW its the ta pau favourite of PM Badawi, just look at his tummy!)
Quest said…
totally agree with jee..overpriced but not worth the food..though kayu nasi kandar claim that it has food quality.what quality?their food taste similiar like other mamak restaurant..they just charged us MORE!
besides, there is no HALAL you know where they prepare the food?definetely not in the particular outlet coz the kitchen were small.therefore, cleanliness in food preparation is questionable :(
service was fair however there was communication diificulty with the waiters as they do not speak fluent english or bahasa. i will never return again..just waste my money lorrr
tks for your comments ! your feelings about Kayu reflect what many people think too , although in this case convenience seems to be the pulling factor.
Hope to hear from you again soon !