Nasi Campur ( Malay rice buffet )

Simply underated, but still deliciously tempting...........

Indigenous Malay cuisine from Malaysia does not rank high on the International Gastronomical Charts. Nonetheless its quiet natural simplicity and pleasantly mild tastes belie a culinary charm that is both pure & refreshing. Some of its signature recipes like sambal petai, ulam and fragrantly coloured rices are to most more of an acquired taste. So the maxim that you either love it or hate it may be true.

As a whole lots of fragrant spices, coconut milk and sugar are featured in many Malay dishes, as are curries/chillis leading many to comment that Malay food is the same as Indian food ! Sure they do have a lot of similarities, but they are certainly not quite the same.

The delectable spread below show the more popular rice 'buffet' selections in everyday lunches/dinners of the office/working crowd.

Move over nasi lemak................

nasi dagang ( 'traders rice', a Trengganu & Kelantan
specialty of brownish glutinous rice with tuna fish + veges )
tastes mildly hot and distinctively deliciousnasi kerabu ( sexy bluish rice with natural herbs/veges)

with beef rendang ( decidedly Malay )
another East Coast exotica
temptingly pure & simple

nasi campur, unmistakably Malay with ikan keli ( catfish)
salted half egg and that
gorgeous sambal ( .....nobody does it better )
taste and feel ? Second to none ( not even that Kayu fella ok )

Malaysian healthdrink par xcellence

empty ice ( 30 cents miracle taste enhancer )

& da only drink U ever really need..........
anytime anywhere ( terms & conditions apply !)

They are all here, Taman Subang Perdana ( road into Subang New Village, the one after terminal 3 old Subang Airport ), but 4 the real thing you still have to go Trengganu/Kelantan............

C U there !

Hey how about price? worries, only one half of Kayu


boo_licious said…
Sounds interesting. From the sign, it says they also serve Laksam, is it good? The Nasi Dagang looks like the Terengganu version as it does not have brown rice.

Is this place opened during wkends? Will give it a try one day as I'm always on the lookout for good Malay food.
Rasa Malaysia said…
I totally agree, nobody does sambal belecan better than Malay food stalls...simply the best!

Now I missed the Malay food I had in Penang:
What A Lulu said…
one of these days when boss tak de kat opit, lulu's going to venture there.

lulu's favourite malay rice, not like she has tried many, is at sek17pj. it's along the belakang way from ss2 to sek 17. delicious!
Anonymous said…
i like malay rice!

i heard so much of nasi dagang but haven't try it before. hey, the nasi kerabu looks like what we call... pulut inti? because of its bluish colour.
MeiyeN said…
haha... da sexy blue rice looks interesting!!!! never in my life i come across any blue rice before! O_o
Wennn said…
Wah looks inviting la!! Aiyo now looking at it my tummy also makin noise liao!!My favourites!! Aiyo beh tahan liao!!
Yinsi Yat said…
Halo!! Bila belanja me??
its quite packed during meal times, but I have to check their opening hours. I have not tried their laksam, will get back to u again asap!

I am surprised so many of u non-malay ladies love malay food, but they r quite nice really !

the belakang one I must check it out v soon

quickly go try nasi dagang v v nice esp the tuna fish, kerabu nasi got many strange vege dunno name and rice colour? u should say semua taroh. type of blue rice ?RM,Boo,can help ah ?! ( sorry I only know how to eat ! hehehe)

this blue( like James Bond's eyes) rice better than your mediterranean 5 star one, want me bring u try ornot ?! I call ACE1 come aso, he got sommo Daniel Craig jokes ........LOL !

sory tempt u !

why u dun cum that day ah ?!
Michelle said…
the first time i enter ur page..
and u can seriously tempt me and make me all hungry again with ur pics..

i think i'll be here more often to know more great places around here to eat.
hi & tks 4 dropping in
do enjoy our deliciously gluttony humour...( actually we donno much about food !)
Audrey Cooks said…
That nasi campur with ikan keli, sambal and 4-angled bean is exactly what i would go for in a Malay food spread. Absolutely cannot resist!
so r u gonna show us how its done de AC way ! show me de recipe so 4ever i can do my own...