Tai Wah Kopitiam,
opposite Morning Wet Market
The Backlane, 4 added aroma + original flavour
The Product, fat and mean

The Man and his wok
The CKT man ( usually in collarless round white t-shirt 'Pagoda Brand ' ? ) is the quintessential hardworking sweaty Chinaman under the aluminium exhaust funnel and the big windy fan in any food court/hawker square, the one you love but wouldn't want to get too near with so your new dress don't get aromatised and then all your office colleagues know where you have been & what you have been eating .
Also the noisy showman with his high flying torpedo eggshells.
CKT rules ( follow strictly otherwise satisfaction level will not be guaranteed , & your food review conclusions will be distorted ) ;
*food must only be served in a plate ( no bowls no matter how xpensive allowed )
*use only bamboo chopsticks ( cannot use fork/spoons or right hand )
*must drink Chinese tea ( no cokes/beers allowed becoz then no taste at all )
*must eat straight from frying pan ( so oil will not become fats , be very warned.....)
*& finally, don't go too early and don't go too late, get the CKT man in right mood
. ...................he gets upset easily
4 this Old Town kopitiam, after following all the above rules;
BSG's verdict A - - for overall satisfaction
due to fresh prawns & cockles , crunchy beansprouts+ the green thing
& then not 2 oily
but you must hear from de sentimental xpert's mouth himself ok...
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  • furious tongue

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    wmw said…
    My fave CKT is from AsiaCafe, Stall no. 5 (I think)...took pics, still haven't blog on it yet. La Manila's CKT not bad too, though it's more expensive. Where else got good CKT?
    Rasa Malaysia said…
    The CKT looks very Penang...wicked!
    Tongue of Fury said…
    wmw, Lorong Selamat in Penang serves one of the best CKT in the whole of Malaysia... a little oily though...
    I can't believe you like La Manila's CKT... I personally don't fancy it.
    Give the Old Town one a try... you will like it!
    Tummythoz said…
    Droolicious picture! Not very familiar with PJ old town. Any more clues/landmarks?
    AceOne said…
    Wokeh..on my way there already.
    toniXe said…

    TW is along the road left turn right-angled from Jln Pencala, PJ

    While Jln Pencala is 3oclock along Jln Templar roundabout ...and Jln Tem.... u know lah !

    lost? use your nose or call TOF he is nearby !

    I heard sunway pyramid pg street CKT also good?
    wmw said…
    Tonixe, dunno woh, will go try at Pg Street and let you know.

    Tongue of Fury...ok, will also try the one in Old Town.
    CHEAH WENG SUN said…
    You are talking about the best CKT in the whole of PJ. Nothing comes near ok.

    Next time, also try it with a glass of kopi-peng. Heavenly.
    team BSG said…
    thanks 4 droppin by. Yes indeed, I shall take yr advice ! happy eating in Sydney !