Battle Royale ( of the meatBalls )

Price, da winner takes all ball game of the highest order....

hakka pork meatball kway teow

......the entire 3 pieca da resistancia on the poker table
......1. slippery kway teow in minced meat & sauce de secreti +
......2. cholesterolicious brown sliced Chinese sausage & Eva de Green spring onions,
.....3. Daniel Craigga porkee flatted balls in soup & pickled green chillis

M16 technical specs ( stolen from M's Bible )
.........10 hours 35 mins to prepare
.........a total of 39 steps ( all in accordance with her Majesty's immaculate Secret Service standards )

In the right corner,

d urbane & suave sophisticate
3JC, Sunway Pyramid, PJ
aka 'Le Chiffre' , capital RM 8.28

v s

the tough & rough backStreet alleyball the other corner...
Lucky Gardens, Bangsar
aka 'call me Bond', capital RM 3.7

the casino royale

After a gut wrenching flight through the backalleys of Lorong Ara Kiri 2, Lucky Gardens , stampedes across multi -storeyed escalators & spiralling towers of Sunway Pyramid , against stunning & deafening ice skating music blasts, & hanging on only by the skin of his teeth sinking in de Xquisite titillating pleasures of d flatted crunchilicious pokerised balls of the casino,

ultimate winner backStreet Bond collapsed into the delectably loving arms of his true love the dazzling temptress Lynd...

........only to lose all in a few gorgeous sunbathing days & moonlit nights Ace118 ( who else !)

Results : ( latest GMT )

Winner : backStreet alleyball

by a Royal Flush !

....more multiple porkee flavours

....temptingly eva greeny spring onions
....ambience ( where else have Mongolian stunner ?)

....unpretentious service

....lower capital

......4 the rest of the story,

watch Casino Royale at a cinema near u !



Yinsi Yat said…
Ahrggg!!me again..thks..thks!!
Jackson said…
Ohhhmy craving over the "Sam Gan Zhong Pork Meat Kuey Teow".......but too bad can't relate the casino royale story with this dish ler (haven't watch it).... explain more plss....haha.....
Jackson said…
By the way, what area of consultation r u in? hehe..just curious
Anonymous said…
hey i'm hakka but i never heard of the hakka pork meatball kway teow. silly eh? from the picture, it looks delicious.
wmw said…
Yet another one of my fave noodles! The one in Sec 17 coffeeshop is not too bad too (oh, O&S too!). I always ask for extra "siew cheong"!
Wennn said…
Wah liao I wan I wan!!!! Quickly courier one for MEeeeeeeee.........
Audrey Cooks said…
Hello! where can i virtually eat your friend's perut ikan?? I just got my hands on 2 bottles of these "stomachs" from Penang, still sitting patiently in my refrigerator. :D not time to slice and dice yet.
Audrey Cooks said…
Oh! i found it right at the left side of your blog! i mean the perut ikan... hmm looks scrumptious!
MeiyeN said…
O_o ekekekeke.....amusing! aiyoyo... my saliva is dripping! i always like this kind of noodle!!!! i wanna go try when i've da chance!!! ;)
boo_licious said…
You forgot the car! I snapped a pix of it recently in Berjaya Times Sq - gorgeous! The noodles look good, I tried different stalls though. Yet to try the one called 3JC and ate the Bangsar one long ago.
u the champion ma, 118 sure win 007 one !

quickly go n c 007
girls v beautiful... but ...tricky
me ? another hungry glutton like you ! I do some Mgmt projects( with food in my mouth )

it is delicious esp with all the green de best chillis together !

will check out those 2 u mentioned, tks

watch out UPS, hot n ready ! but will cost u a bomb lah, 10 Brit lbs !

must chase my friend he's into salted fish bone curry, amazing

ok try next time soon
ya l have forgotten bout the car !
..must be that temptress Lynd, making me gaga !