Ulu Yam's Lor Mee ( oversized noodles in gravy )

Ulu Yam's most famous son, from RM4 a bowl
starchy with egg, pork, prawn & vegetable
full bodied, robust taste
the no 2 (BSG rating) lor mee outside Klang Valley

side dish fish cake, RM 4 a piece
can safely skip
2 leave more room 4 the lor mee

brown rice vinegar & pork lard, lots of it
4 the distinctive & unforgetable UY taste

welcome to the cowboys' den

Ulu Yam Lama ( not to be mixed up with Ulu Yam Baru, the one with the karaokes at the other end 4 km away ), the antique Chinese village back- to -the -past cowboy town between Rawang and Kuala Kubu Baru (foothills of Frasers hill ) is surprisingly quiet these days.

Maybe the new flyover across the trunk KL-Ipoh road to UY Baru which rises over the legendary UY Lama train crossing has somehow obscured the narrow entrance into this little rustic kampong.

In those days Ulu Yam's fame stretches far and wide, not for the mediocre seafood restaurants sprouting left and right as soon as the new second link to Genting Highlands via neighbouring Batang Kali was opened sometime in the early 90s, but for one plain looking bowl of brownish & big noodle dish. Then the overnight Star was de show hungry outstation patrons going up & coming down from The City of Entertainment every weekend came to see ! Every other shop seemed to be selling lor mee !

On your way down from First World this next holiday forget the Karak Highway and take the Batang Kali route .... and say hi to

......the original & sensational UY Joe.


Yinsi Yat said…
Yeah, Ulu Yam. Long time haven't been there already.
pisang said…
been there indeed very nice...
at other side got i restaurent special in butter curry prawn i think
they cook that curry with milk
Rasa Malaysia said…
Eating Asia wrote about this place too...looks yum. ;)
u should go again soon, near Genting wat

this one I haven't try
must try next time i am there
Tks for tip !

in addition they serve good chicken feet& pork legs too !
make sure you try when you are back again !

In u yam baru( other side) they r also famous for braised pork ( the one big palm sized piece with layer of thick golden skin and gorgeous fat & leans )