Telok Gong's Coconut Wine, Klang

chilled toddy, entree par excellence
fermented coconut flower juice , 3.8% alcohol
lighter than regular beer, but high for longer
......only RM2 for 500cc

the Coconut Flower strikes back !

When Kesas Highway was opened to traffic in the late 1990s, a journey of a tedious & winding 90 mins from PJ to Telok Gong was reduced to a leisurely 30 mins.

Coconut Flower Seafood Restaurant ( which began life as as a humble dilapidated wooden shed providing toddy and iguana curry to mostly Indian estate workers in the early 1990s ) and Telok Gong in general is now Klang Valley's must- eat seafood zone and has displaced Pandamaran as Klang's premier seafood destination.

Jumping into the bandwagon, in late 1990s at least 8 other new mega restaurants mushroomed overnight and at one time ( in ( 2000-2003 ) thousands thronged the area like hungry hawks every weekend making the place look like a Rock Concert ! Today the massive crowd is gone and many former big gun restaurants have vanished. The original Coconut Flower however is still standing strong, but no longer like those heady days of RM70,000 cash collections a night !

Whats so great then about Telok Gong ? Maybe for seafood fanatics ( eat anything underwater not yet try before one ). Probably they just love the Cowboy and Coconut Tree ambience far far away from home.

But for me ....its Toddy , lala beehun & my chicken . ....No Guinness please..

lalabeehun, estate fried noodles
simply plain @RM5

salted village chicken
RM18 a bird


Yinsi Yat said…
Oh yes, I tried that lalabeehoon and frabs!! chun.
Yinsi Yat said…
Oh yes, I tried that lalabeehoon and frabs!! chun.
Unknown said…
coconut wine... we called 'yia tuak' before drink the taste very bad... but once u drink very nice. Good for body cooling too.
Shanghai Fish said…
You should venture up north to an estate called Chersonese estate, Kuala Kurau in Perak and try the coconut wine or toddy there with hot fry iguana for bites, man..... thats something to remember! It's been so long since I drank toddy myself but I must admit its very good for bringing the heat out of you !
Cheers man !
right on mates, real cool this drink. But be careful, more than 1000cc will send you to the loo for more than 1 hr !

hot fry iguanas I havent try, must be like heaven huh ? but only with toddy ! Next time we meet in pub I bring toddy, ok ! yamseng !
Unknown said…
i've been there last three years ago and had my first coconut wine there. Tasted nice....