Ipoh's NGA CHOI KAI ( beansprout chicken ) shop

Ipoh in Perak State was at one time one of the most (s)exciting cities in Malaysia, with its Tin Mining tycoons, acknowledged Malaysian Cantonese Culinary Epicentre, anything goes entertainment scene ( especially masage parlours , who can forget 'Big Sister') ...the prettiest girls, and ........chickens ( kai in Cantonese ).

So famous were these two 'dishes' those days that if you innocently ask for chickens or 'kai' ( as for food ) in Ipoh, people can't be sure whether you are referring to Ipoh girls or Ipoh chickens . So today you have to be duly cautious and say what you mean and mean what you say in all Cantonese towns in Malaysia as far as these two favourite things are concerned !

Which brings us to Restaurant Lou Wong 's specialties below ;
( .....for the other Ipoh 'white' attraction please check with Wikipedia or
'the Datuk' Malaysian Bond girl of Geisha/Ferrari fame .....)

Lou Wong Tauge Ayam Kuetiau .......

arguably the most famous beansprouts , chicken & sar hor fun shop in Ipoh ...

Crowded every night. Excellent service and reasonable prices.

de Ipoh sar hor fun ( flat rice vermicelli ) in soup,

exceptionally smooth and fine hor fun, but
signature orangy tinged oil & gau choi missing and

only so so taste.

the 'real' Ipoh bean sprouts, not as fat as even some shops in KL !

Taste surprisingly ( & shockingly ) ordinary.

de Ipoh white chicken meat or Ipoh Kai.
Not as I would expect from the most famous !

Either my taste buds have changed or they have ................

Need another review another time.


Yinsi Yat said…
I heard that 'Lou Wong' tauge ayam tastes different already. The food is prepared by some burmese and not lou wong itself. Correct me if i'm wrong.
wmw said…
Oh, I'll be blogging a bit on my trip to Ipoh (early this month) soon. I did have the hor fun but tah-pau, tasted ordinary. There are tastier ones in KL/PJ.
u r right ! thats what happened according to my Ipoh kaki ! so sad lah.

sometimes this type of things happen when they slack, or maybe the students in KL r learning fast !
Wennn said…
Hello!! I was browsing on Ace blog and I saw ur blog about food so I came in!! very interesting ler!1 Makes me hungry and wan to go back to M'sia so much now!! I am from Ipoh and the Lou Wong " kai fan" is not good anymore!It seeems the one opposit the Lou Wong is much better now and everybody wans to go there and not lou wong!!!

welkum 2 backstreet !

keep in touch 4 more form the backlanes.

cheers !
Anonymous said…
I have no idea whether the quality of Lou Wong's nga choi kai has dropped, but the one opposite Excelsior Hotel (Cowan Street) is also not bad ma.. =)

TQ 4 dropping by,

Ipoh actually has many many Ipoh chicken shops as you are aware and I shall try this one you mentioned.

How's the seas getting on ? Monsoons coming huh ?

cheers !