de Original Sweet Sour & Hot sea cucumbers

Kampong Koh's numero uno
exquisite sweet sour hot fish maw
with sea cucumbers

crispy fried oyster egg
with oysters from Lumut
eggs from Damai Laut
+ spring onions from Camerons

tofu soup
with oysters and prawns
uniquely Hock Chew

In Malaysia, Chinese Food with its remarkable range and variety is normally associated with Cantonese, Hakka and Hokkian styles ( as loved by their forefathers from the different provinces of China ). The newer commercial food establishments in the cities especially in KL,JB,Pg have however assimilated/incorporated many of modern Hongky, Taiwanese,Japanese including Western influences, resulting in what is called 'fusion' cuisines ( which incidentally is the rage among the well-heeled younger hip set, and not to be scoffed at ! ).

Away from cities and often beside the jungles, streams, hills, lakes and seas however you can still come across some authentic Chinese village dishes. Old fashion, rugged, original and delicious. And at a price your Grandmother will be proud of !

Such as the 3 treasures highlighted here from Kg Koh and backStreetGlutton favourites.

If authenticity is your game then head on down (or up) and immerse yourself into these Village Treasures across the length and breadth of our bountilicious country. If that fails, never mind you can still have fun of the village kind....

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Yinsi Yat said…
Yummy!! yummy!! Oi, that snake and pig tail soup RM4-00 nia?
What A Lulu said…
lulu's going to lumut in nov. office meetings. since you already have kampung koh, sitiawan and pangkor, when's your posting on lumut coming up? don't delay until after nov, yah.
Unknown said…
luckily im full with my stout now... :P

welcome aboard ! u really need to join us crazy guys to detox from those terribly awful Khairy n Rempits !

Let me see what I can do for yr Lumut expedition....
Audrey Cooks said…
It's raining at the moment and your number one fish maw n sea cucumber soup is really making me yearn for one. I suddenly wish i am now there!
Tummythoz said…
Hi! TQ for dropping by my blog. Wow, deeelicous pix, mien!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Wow, you have a new design! Looks cool.
actually I am testing the new beta version, yeah definitely better !
wmw said…
Wah, you really travel everywhere to eat huh? Eh, still waiting for my treat lah! ;o)
wait a bit lah, now fasting month (hehehe, tell that to boo-licious !)...........
i love that seacucumberin sour sweet soup and fried crispy oyster..

oh yeah i'm new here HAI!
How are you are you fine?
J said…
Pssst... thanks for the link.

Yummy pics btw.