breakfast at KAMPONG KOH, Sitiawan

Standing Tall.

That's Kampong Koh chili sauce.
Found in many Chinese coffee shops across
the country. Together with this garlic vinegar
thing, will turn a mundane noodle dish into
a gastronomical delight.

Distinctively original.

This is K Koh's version of
wantan soup ( pien neet thung, ) with the
rice sheet wrapping so fine that it literally
melts in your mouth !

Definitely authentic.

One half of the 'twin noodle wonders' of
Kampong Koh. On my frequent trips to
Paradise Pangkor I will normally have a quick
stopover by this quaint roadside shop which
specialises in noodles such as this wonderful
'loomien', flat noodles in a thick brownish
gravy of bamboo shoots, cabbages,cuttlefish,
pork lard, fungus and some strange vegetables.
Very tasty and unlike the typical ' lor mee' of KL.
And great with a dash of the vinegar garlic !

Not just any wantan mee

This is the other half of the 'twin' noodle wonders
known as 'kampuang' and the equivalent of
our dear old 'kono' wantan mee in KL. Much more
than a match for Petaling Street's version, with
double the portion
but many ringgits cheaper !

The above are but only a fraction of this sleepy little small town's extraordinary Foochow food heritage. Joining me for dinner ?


Rasa Malaysia said…
Ah, are these really Fuchow Food? Strange because I went to Fuchow once and never see these kinds of food...I think they are Malaysian version of Fuchow food?!

Actually I was told this is the countryside( village ) version of Fuzhou food. Fuzhou is huge by our standards and the city folks have their own distinctive dishes I think. ( Fatt Thiew Cheong originated from Fuzhou if I am not mistaken ?). Also I believe Kg Koh have rojaked their menu with the other Malaysian dishes right !
Anonymous said…
I tried the Loomien once...during my vacation in Sungai Ding Ding (a small and remote village near Setiawan). Food there were so yummy...especailly fresh...
hi, u have a most wonderful site name ! Welcome to BSG. Indeed, Sitiawan is quite famous for unusual hockchew and fresh seafood. I suppose u were on your way to Pangkor !
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your compliments.
I never been to Pulau Pangkor yet...hehehehehe...but I spent one week at sungai Ding Ding...where you can see the fisherman go to the sea early dawn and back with full of fresh seafood in their boat in the evening...Is really a beautiful place for relaxing...:) Afterall, Malaysia is beautiful...