Sup Tulang GEARBOX ( Beef Bone Soup )

.....cruising along in 7th Gear....
Drawing the Crowd

This amazing place in a nondescript double intermediate shoplots beside Dominos Pizza in Sunway Mentari ( off LDP Highway ), is reminiscent of Giant Hypermarket during the festive period, believe it or not !

Customers flock here during meal times and were literally fighting to hand over their money ( so who says Customer is King ?) to the Queen Mak Chik and her son. The place is so crowded that you would actually feel shy to even look around for a place to be seated, much less be served !

The multi-fan water-cooled blow-warm -air Kelantanese Malay ( signature rainbow-coloured rice(s), ulams of fresh raw vegetables with at least 8 -9 types of sambals and chilli sauces eateverythingexceptpork) restaurant with its different sections for kuehs, ikan bakars, chicken rice, noodles ( even assam laksa ), the main majestic buffet spread , drinks, SOUPS and deserts seem almost like a food court.

WE had wanted to have a slow lunch on a lazy Friday afternoon but in the end had to make a quick exit due to the restless crowd and unseated patrons staring at our backs ! So we took some of their nice looking prawn and tofu titbits and drowned them in this pot of hardware with a promise to be back to get the real thing , during the Puasa month ( smart thinking eh ). The tit bits with the chili sauce are good.

You need specialised tools to dismantle the Gearbox. The knife is to extract the meagre pieces of tough lean meat ( careful not to spill to neighbouring tables ) and the oversized straw to extract the whitish mother of all essence ( bone marrow ) located deep from deep inside the GEARS.... the tonic tasted surprising smooth ( but fatty) and unlike any other beef parts which we have tried before ( warning: may not be suitable for the faint hearted ). The soup itself is fragrant,tangily sourish and delicious.

Better clear and clean all those floating fats and loose meats thoroughly cos this experience is not cheap by any standards starting from RM14 per box onwards. To remember this gastronomical achievement forever and as authentic souvenir , do take home the 1st gear ( for the dog lah ).

Jaring could probably be the top earning Malay restaurant in Sunway if not all of PJ. Any disputes anyone ?