mobile STEAMBOAT ( skewered edibles in STEAMING HOTPOT )

bloody cockles, just 3 secs,
no need tabasco or wasabe

Taiwan sausage, looks quite like it

Watch it Kid !

Black, but not rotten

No chairs, spoons, nothings..not even a drink...

...just you and your stomach ...

This grab is faster than in most fast food cafes, more scrumptious than even many 5 star outfits ... welcome to the true blue exotica of the roadside connoisseur.

The mobile vans FatMan, FatBoy, FatOne and coming soon ....the Fa tGirl .

Many call these exquisite delights God's gift, but others label them Satan's Curse, and find them revolting. Vegetarians avoid it like the plague.... So do those wannabe dieting freaks, Mr healthy and Ms straight types.

but For the rest of us ....

.........standing and hungrily whizzing around the at least 50 different magnificent spread of meat/fish/assorted exoticas ( embedded into toothpick-like skewers ) and eye them like hungry bloodthirsty hawks after their preys. With quick swoops and a few seconds of 'dip dip' into the hotpots the finished gems are soaked into either or all of the 3 magic sauces ( the sweet, the ginger chili and the peanut chili ) to complete the 15 minutes sinful gastronomical adventure !

Pig's ears, tongues, livers, kidneys+organs plus many more multi -layered lean meat and fats. Shellfishes, fish balls, jellyfish and cuttlefish,etc etc. Black pigeon/quail and chicken eggs in picked ginger/cucumber. Spicy and not so spicy red hot sausages ,and more ! A true Cholesterol paradise !

Prices range from RM0.80 to RM3.50 per stick depending on colour code.

Also, get acquainted with some ugly territorial traits of certain fellow patrons who zealously guard 'their' boiling zones and strategic spots. And don't you dare mix up your fish balls with that fierce/starving looking one ....but do make way for that dainty lady. It is a common boiling pot ( a distinctive Chinese eating cultural thing ) and you still have to share the sauces after all !

All these in a tiny brightly lit van at a Street near you.

They usually appear around 4pm outside popular Shopping Centres ( Sg Wang, Carrefour, Tesco ), Pasar Malams ( Bangsar, SS2), Pubs ( Damansara Utama, Damansara Perdana outside 'the Place' ),Restaurants ( USJ Taipan, ) and anywhere with a sizeable Chinese population ( who it is claimed will eat anything that moves with the back facing the sun ) and the feast will continue into the wee hours of the morning.

For the more hygienic option try those away from busy roads like in the Bangsar KL pasar malam area on Sundays ( their cockles definitely are safe to eat, especially raw and without the wasabe !) . Or the many other pasar malams in town.

WARNING: not suitable for kids n those with heart problems


Yinsi Yat said…
wuahahaha..nice foods again!! cun ..cun..yummy yummmy.
wmw said…
Hi there,

Visiting here for the first time. Wah! Lotsa food here too. I usually eat at the mobile steamboat in SS2, in front of the 7-Eleven. But the stall operator changes quite often. Only eat when I see my fave guy, Ah Joo.
Welcome WMW n TKs 4 dropping in !

I enjoy browsing your musical blogs n interesting hunts in PJ area.We should have a joint hunt soon ! Cheers !
Audrey Cooks said…
Love those cockles ... haven't had a dose of that for sometime aredi! Lok Lok! Absolutely delicious!
tks for dropping by

yeah lok lok is BEST !