mini NASI LEMAK, pyramid bungkus

prelude to One More Jug in Damansara Utama, PJ

You do not want to be caught with an empty stomach as you catch up with your Kakis @ 6.30pm at Cafe de Fattbrew and yet you want to maintain your BMI at a trim 24 and below. So as usual you secretly head on to the neighbourhood night hawker stalls ( near the Tmn Bahagia LRT station, ss2/4 behind Cheung Kong restaurant ) off Taman Megah , PJ ).

A quickie of boiling cuppa hot teh tarik ( Malaysia's ultimate halal beverage ), one packet of Jun's or Shukri's ( better than the RA / Kg Baru real things? ) incomparable mini nasi lemaks and one very hard boiled egg ( with yolk ) will do the trick. No frills no hassles, at a cost less than a mug of course. Now get ready to cheers !

Truly Malaysian !