Lala Seehum ( clams/cockles ) hybrid

Strictly for LALA Cockle lovers

Somewhere near Sekinchan, Selangor on the Coastal Road to Lumut, Perak you can find many stalls selling a new type of whitish shellfish ( siput mentarang ). They certainly look like a cross between a cockle and a clam. If you are in the mood to try new sea creatures this is it ! They look beautiful in their shiny oyster-like shells and it is such a pity to deshell them and, well, EAT them...

Tasting exquisite in spicy garlic chili sauce as you would expect when you cross two of the most popular Malaysian shell fishes into ONE.

One warning though, wash them thoroughly before cooking. STRICTLY not recommended for weak stomachs !


Rasa Malaysia said…

I am a clam-o-holic and I eat all kinds of siput, lala, balitong -- basically any species I can find in the wet markets in Penang, but I haven't seen looks very "exotic." Can UPS them over to Penang? ;)
Ya, they r exotic alright !

I'll see how to snailmail them to u ! watch out !