HOKKIAN MEE ( Fried Noodles KL version )

Dark, robust and strong Peng Yuan Hokkian Mee stall , Section 14/48, PJ (near Shell Station )

This KL Hokkien version of charcoal fired fried noodles (RM5.00/plate) in the PJ 222 area epitomises KL's bustling night 'big fry ' gourmet circuit( together with the Kong Fu Chow and Lor Mee ) and is the preferred choice of many hungry fans. Distinctively dark and full of heavy pork lard aroma ( which lingers for miles around nearby housing estates ), the extraordinarily steaming hot fried thick noodles in flavoured oil, garlic, dark soy sauce, sliced cabbages/choy sum, fishcakes /prawns/cuttlefish and pork meat is one of a kind and which many feel taste much better than the Penang favourite Char Kway Teow.

The above stall run by some Youngsters is rated no 2 in PJ by my Kakis, and beats the other end Hokkian Mee ( AhWa ) by one or two noodles.

Bon appetite !


Rasa Malaysia said…
I reckon this is not the Hokkien Mee we get in Penang. Looks good! The best one I had was in this small alley across from Chee Cheong Kai (Petaling Street / Chinatown).