CURRY MEE ( Curry Laksa )

Malaysian Spicy Curry Noodles

Curry mee is another Malaysian noodles favourite. It is found all over the country; in school canteens, restaurents, cafes and backlanes. This simple noodle dish ( but contentiously difficult to perfect ) is served in a thick coconut milk flavoured curry gravy and has a distinctive thick orange colour. As usual there are many versions with different garnishing and taste . Penang ( dubbed the Hawker Capital of Malaysia ) has its pork meat and blood (aargh! ) version. The Malays have their own styles ( State to State ) and call them by various names. The mamaks have modified ( and claimed to have improved ?) on them . Of course we also have the instant noodles version ( @ 50 cts per pack why not ? )

In KL though the popular ones come with shredded chicken meat, cockles, prawns, fried bean curds and like the other infamous culinary specialty 'Char Koay Teow ' is omnipresent in all food courts. While I would prefer eating in backlanes I have top marks for La Manila ( the original )'s solid and savoury version in Mid Valley Megamall KL.

The minty and lemak taste with the perfect cockles ( really ! ) and succulent prawns floored me and left me with an unforgetable aftertaste as I sat through 'Monster House ' ! Highly recommended at RM9.