Staple Meal of the Masses

Every food court will have at least one stall selling the ubiquitous Chicken Rice. The one described here is the Malaysian Chinese version with its signature boiled/steamed/roasted/fried chicken ( may include Pork too ) with plain or flavoured rice.
Strangely, no other vegetables are associated with Chicken Rice other than the versatile cucumbers and beansprouts.

A 'gourmet' version of this favourite dish is found in the SS4 area of PJ ( besides LDP Highway opposite the St Ignatious Catholic Church, Tmn Mayang, PJ ). The chickens in light sauce are xtra large, meaty,succulent and have a unique yellowish texture. The tasty self- service soup together with the other delicious body parts and bountilicious beansprouts places Kee Kee Bentong's Chicken Rice as one of the finest in KL. It is sardined- pack during lunch time on most days and the 80 or so chickens will be gone in a flash.

goodness inside out

not all chickens are created equal

even rice can be gorgeous

drop dead fresh


Unknown said…
Hmmm...yummy...I like your blog. Guess gluttons think alive :)
Unknown said…
I mean think hungry reading your blog i typed wrongly
Yinsi Yat said…
Wuahhh!! looked at your chicken rice hungry tim!
Audrey Cooks said…
Hmm this is not the one next to the bible college of malaysia right? Those chicken parts looks real appetising, i hope they didn't peel the chicken feet using their teeth like in some places i happened to stumble across.
didnt know that was the bible college !

using their teeth to peel, omg !

will check it out again ...