Chee Cheong Fun ( flat/rolled-up rice vermicelli in sauce )

Light n easy

A very neutral and light dish for the play safe meal. If you can't take ( or stand ) those strong and spicy superstars of curry mee ( curry noodles ) , assam laksa ( fiery hot n sour noodles) , or the deliciously oily char koay teow or ultra-heavy nasi lemak , then its time for the easy one , Chee Cheong Fun (CCF ).

These come in many versions;

*freshly steamed Hong Kong style rolled-up with prawns and meat in chili/shrimp paste and soy sauce,

*Teluk Intan rolled-up with vegetables, meat stuffings and pickled green chilies,

*Petaling Street plain & flat with brown sauce and chili ,

*Penang flat or rolled-up with dark shrimp paste and chili sauce,or

*KL ala Yong Tau Foo style with bean curds, vegetable fish stuffings , fish and meat balls, vegetables ( kangkong ) + up-to-u etc

CCF sauces can be reddish (in many parts of Perak ) or brown in most other places. There is also a curry gravy, mushrooms ( Ipoh ) and yam versions . Usually topped up with some oil , fried onions and sesame seeds for the authentic and distinctive flavour.

Happily for PJ folks a good local version is found right here in Chow Yang SS2, just beside the much acclaimed Lim Prawn Mee stall . A one man one woman show on most days, this simple and nice outfit is one busy place. A lot better than most other stalls selling similar stuff, the CCF here is tender and the brown sauce close to perfection, not too sweet and just nice, with absolutely fresh fish balls, fu chooks, tau foos including the signature crunchy friedboiled pork skin . Opens at 8am and quite definitely sold out by 12pm ( maybe that is how much he can handle I guess ).

You might want to check with him whether he is interested to franchise it like the Lim fellow !


Jackson said…
yeah yeah yeah! I like chee cheong fun! with lots of fu chuk !! But personally i dun like to eat wt curry gravy, just wondering why lots of ppl like that,...hehe
Rasa Malaysia said…

You just reminded me that I haven't had Choo Cheung Fun yet in Penang. Gotta have it soon before I head back to the US. Thanks for the post!
Yinsi Yat said…
Wuahahahaa..I just have chee cheong fun dis morning!!!

Tank Q for visiting my blog.
boo_licious said…
I never used to like it with curry but when I tasted the one in Pudu, I was an immediate fan as the curry is so yummy.

Didn't know Cheow Yang had yummy CCF - thxs for the tip.