sup torpedo !

Sometimes somewhere you will find strange things people eat, not to live but definitely
..... to eat ( food bloggers beware ) .

This charismatic side and backlane cluster of open air mamak stalls + 1 charkeowteow near Jln Doraisamy and the Heritage Row , KL just refuse to go away no matter what Bandaraya or Jabatan Kesihatan say. They are that good !

Around 5pm the area comes alive and this is where the Millionaires and ordinary MatKLs alike come out in full force and indulge in their must-have roadside Mamak Experience , with the yellow lines conjested with limousines, proton taxis and motorbikes. The place is also popular with the midnight cowboys/girls from the latest wanabe pubs in town around the Sheraton Hotel.

While most stalls offer the usual rojaks, mee mamaks, nasi lemak, beehun goreng, kuehs etc one in particular specialises in soups + loaf breads and more. His fearsome enigmatic brew known as the deadly Sup Torpedo ( RM5 ) have often puzzled patrons curious to know what has a missile got to do with soups ! Found in only a few places in town this tangily heavy spicy beef brew ( boiled together with a strategic part of a bull ) with the slippery slices of bonycrunching feel will send shivers down many a faint hearted man ( & woman ).

If you prefer to see what you are eating you may request for the thing to come out all veiny and uncut ( ala Tigerjoe ) and you can be forgiven if you abort in haste never to return !

feel the POWER......!


Jackson said…
yaww....beef? Sorry, can't take beef......
*lynne* said…
waahahahaaa! I remember first ever coming across [haha] "sup torpedo" at a mamak in Penang in 2001... I was with my then-bf and two American friends. They were the one amazed at alll the differnt types of soup listed, so I was translating lah - beef soup, oxtail soup, chicken soup... but what is torpedo soup??

So we asked the mamak...

... and they were all so embarassed to say, sampai one of them whispered into my bf's ear rather than say out loud!

We had a great laugh about it. Thanx for bringing back that memory!

Oh, and, of course, we didn't try it lah! :-)