Pork Soup Vermicelli ( chee yuk fun)

Subang Jaya's slowhand

I had some time, so I followed my Kaki to a cornerlot shop selling the most famous pork soup beehoon stall in SJ near Carrefour. The lunchtime crowd wasn't all that many but the lady said matter-of-fact can wait at least 30 mins or not so we said why not ?

As appetizers for this main course we devoured some tapioca balls from the pisang goreng stall outside, some egg tarts and meat puffs form another Indon lady near the walkway. 35 mins from start and there was still no sign of that elusive dish. So we ordered some chee cheong fun as a further diversion.

After a few more false starts ( why is it that the one that came later always gets it first ? ), and just before I called it a day, it came, in all its cholesterol glory ! It is quite delicious really.

But seriously, next time I will look for the woman in SS3, her version plus prawns is quicker and don't think can lose to this one !


wmw said…
I don't really like pork but I made exceptions for real tasty ones. My fave chee yoke fun is the one located at Tong Shin Road at the coffeeshop of the Adik Beradik Chua. Best in the world! They top your noodles with crispy lard (chee yau char)!
Tks 4 yr tip, will try soon !