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Brinchang's Steamboat

With the current hot spell and also the intermittent haze enveloping parts of the country it is a good idea to head to the cool hills if you have the time. One such nice spot is Cameron Highlands in Pahang State. Be prepared however,for the weather has indeed changed, it is not as cool as before ( I mean the weather ).

I would suggest you take the Tapah old route on the way up and the newer Simpang Pulai way on the return journey down. The old route is more winding and narrow ( parts of it are actually dangerous ) but this is compensated by more rugged sights and a chance to sample the orang asli handicrafts, jungle tidbits and other items on display at numerous shacks along the way.

Don't forget to try the orang asli's authentic jungle durians if you have the chance. They are cheap and wow deliciously original, but be warned though because the aroma will stay with you all the way up the highlands and into your hotel !

As you plod along the old winding narrow road the air becomes cooler and cooler and the mood begins to set in . You are actually up in the highlands ! What a feeling !

Just after Ringlet along the old road and after the initial shock of discovering that the nice lake you love as a kid has now turned grotesquely GREEN you will soon come across the Bharat tea plantations to your left and suddenly the serene view of a quaint and dreamy tea house appears out of the mist. Try their lovely hot tea , and do your thing. Then take some very english countryside photos.

Brinchang is after Tanah Rata and is getting more busy nowadays. It is mostly remembered for its maybe too many steamboat restaurants, particularly along the main road where I counted at least 10 neck to neck fighting for your attention. These shops are packed with holiday makers on weekends not I suspect for good food ( 2 many many vegetables ) but yeah you got it , for the unique xperience of boating in the cool highlands!

I like it too, the cold is simply invigorating !