bun eXtraordinaire

Truly Gombiang

These humble looking flying saucer shaped buns saved an entire kingdom from marauding invaders in a certain part of Fujian province, China a long time ago. Legend has it that as part of the defenders' food rations these multi functional, versatile, easy to carry and indestructible bread was an essential item in the kingdom's arsenal to fend off the barbarians coming in from the North. As food was scarce during these trying times the wonder bun was the basic diet which adequately provided the "bullets" to ultimately defeat the enemy.

Now only found in Fuzhou in China and a few places in Malaysia, notably Sibu and Sitiawan.

This flatted item is stuffed with pork fillings and comes in many versions ; with sesame seeds, with hole and without and is best taken fresh from the oven . As befitting its awesome reputation it can be stored in a freezer for ages and reheated weeks/months later ( but strictly no microwave please). It can be strung with raffia strings and hung over your shoulders and this will definetely make you look like an ancient warrior !

When improperly stored it becomes rock hard and can be used as a deadly missile too.

Try it .......you will love it ! ....Must ta pau from Sitiawan tho, book early as they are a very very limited and prized item.


teckiee said…
I call these hock chiew peah... and yeahh mann it rocks! I always but too much of then and freeze them. I rebake them to eat.

tks for yr most enlightening comments. seen yr posts and wow they r almost like what I wanted to say !

u have mentioned most of the good things found in manjong district and Pangkor. yes the hock chiu peah is the Gombiang I talk about.

amazingly u also love it and, r u serious or not , want to start a bakery for this thing ah ?

TQ & u bet I will be bothering u from now on !