Banana Leaf Rice

the place in Section 5 PJ
Jalan Gasing PJ, famously known at one time for its iconic pubs ( remember Stagecoach and Rennies' ? ), Thai Temple, Churches and Taman Jaya is still very much alive today with some decent restaurants selling Ipoh bean sprouts chicken rice ( the anti-cancer one ) , some Mamak restaurants ( the usual halal fare one) and Indian restaurants selling Banana Leaf Rice ( Raju's, Lotus etc etc).

The other prominent landmark is the notorious Gasing Hill, a one time favourite haunt for lovers and drug addicts alike , nature lovers and a battlegound of sorts for Friends of Gasing ( ? ) vs KL Cityhall .

Quite unknown to many new kids in town, is the very excellent banana leaf restaurant in Sec5 ( also the area with the upmarket condos; Camerons , Frasers plus a few more ) which is a little out of the way but still continues to draw the lunch crowds.

This run down place a left turn before the Templer Roundabout is particularly well known for its curries ( the divine chicken and fish ones especially ) and is deservingly called Restaurant Kavita's Curry House. While it also serves traditional Indian food including fish heads it has an awesome reputation for its set banana leaf rice with its abnormally varied range of aromatic spicy and hot sauces/condiments including its underated sambal petai concoction.

While the Big Chain spick and span Lotus along the main road and the very well known Raju's beside Lasalle School have better locations and layouts, better variety of fresh seafood/meat and cholesterol free curries ( Raju's signature wonder brew, isn't that just ironic ?) which are but impotent compared to Kavita's fully loaded real thing .

As is standard practice in Banana Leaf Restaurants, you should eat like a Glutton ( what else ) using your bare claws and sweat at the same time for added experience, using the versatile fresh banana leaf for support .

Banana leaf set is absolutely good value for money for ricebowlers and vegetarians because of the unlimited top-ups, altho all other additions of the meaty kind will be charged xtra.

Kavitas is an unpretentious place with its speedy service and the decent price of RM5 per set /head before xtras, will not burn a hole in your pocket (unlike that notorious Kayu fellow ), unless you decide to go for the scary Monstrous Prawns !

That is another story......


tihtahpah said…
EH..try Paandi in TTDI!

'll kip u informed ..n tks !
Dilip Mutum said…
I eat there sometimes. I love banana leaf.
*lynne* said…
hi, found u through a comment at Adam's OK Lah blog :-) I'll try to remember to check out Kavita's next time I'm back in that side of the world - it would be a nice change from Lotus & Raju's, that's for sure! :-)
rokh said…
yaya try paandi! it's only 3.80. one day i would try yours too.
Rasa Malaysia said…
Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by Rasa Malaysia. I am paying you a visit back.

The roti canai you had (aka the real stuff) looks so much better than my packaged and frozen roti canai. ;)
Anonymous said…
waaaaa i Enjoyed your review, cannot tahan and went to kavitha for quick fix.try the crab curry. good stuff. I discovered near my work place, a new Banana Leaf Restaurant. It's called Yatra. Other side of the world in Sri Hartamas. Love their Chicken Briyani, Mutton Peratal and Banana Leaf Rice. The fried squid with curry leave is divine.I like the hot pickles and their Ikan Tengiri Bakar. Very fresh one. Pricing is cheaper than Kanna and Raju. Ok lor....