ASSAM LAKSA ( Malaysia's spicy hot n sour noodles )

SP, Sunday pasar malam, Bangsar
...fresh, light with oversized rice noodles

outside wet market, Sea Park PJ
....strong lemongrass flavour

Acheng, USJ Summit Subang Jaya
...thick & tasty

The ultimate assam laksa in KL?

ASSAM LAKSA it is a uniquely Malaysian dish and an all time street food favourite( the others being the equally controversial curry laksa and nasi lemak but that is another story ), especially with the office girls ! Now you know why some men like to hang out in laksa stalls !

I have tried hundreds, from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Penang to Johore Baru and happy to tell you that I am still having loads of fun searching for the one !

There are a few versions of laksa really, but all are fish based, very fragrant ( or is it pungent ?),sourish ,tamarin flavoured, and spicy gravy in some rice noodle concoctions, usually served in a bowl or plate.

The experts will tell you it is all in the type of fish used. The price may vary from the 1.50 ringgit nett a plastic bowl in the kampongs to the 15 ringgit ++ visually enhanced expensive looking imported oversized ( must it be so big ?) imported china bowl in the cafes or city hotels.

Some say it is of Nyonya origin while others say it is copied from a Thai receipe. The most popular in Malaysia today however is the steaming hot Penang version, usually garnished with generous portions of cucumber and pineapple slices,raw onions, mint leaves plus a few other herbs and xx spices ( kept secret... )

Kedah has its own style with its special noodles, while Malaccans insist theirs is the best. Many Malays love the dish although they prefer it mild and accompanied by sliced boiled chicken eggs served lukewarm.

One enterprising chain called Laksa Shack is taking advantage of its halal status to cash in on its popularity in Shopping Centres. This clinical multiple versions approach is not my cup of laksa tho bcoz man it got no ambience.

Here are some laksa joints worth paying a visit, if u must find out why they r popular:

Bangsar Sunday pasarmalam mobile van ( *******/10 )
My vote for best original casual laksa dining ( with ambience n price to boot ) .
This place is where I can mingle with some nice multicultural looking chicks and
sometimes celebrities. The service is ultra fast and courteous with the only
problem being not enough seats. The plus point is the nice fresh and
unfishy taste with options to add red hot chilies and prawn paste. If the mustacho
nice boss likes you , he might let u have another bite 4 free !

Seapark, PJ ( *******/10 )
This little van parked beside the wet market is operated by a Penang Kaki n Missus.The gravy is very thick and pungent and attracts big crowds everyday, except mondays.

USJ summit, LG floor (*******/10 )
Ah Cheng Laksa in air -con comfort, original, tasty and thick and looks about right. There are many sub-versions, with extra fish, sotong, prawns etc,etc. but do stick to the original. Price from 5.9 ringgit nett. Might just turn out to be the best !


boo_licious said…
Not sure which Seapark van's assam laksa you're talking abt but that one gets my vote. They also serve it in SS3 and SS4's pasar malam. The one in Bsar tastes like it's been pureed though.
tks boo 4 dropping in.

this Seapark is the last time Ruby cinema area, d one beside Pelangi Club, just outside the morning wet market.

Also affectionately referred to as the smelly place one !
Jackson said…
I tried the one in Summit USJ but not enough "kick". I think i still prefer laksa at China Town, not only the taste, but also the environment that makes u sweat after eating! Super dupa!
Anonymous said…
Agree with you that one of the better hawker assam laksa is the fella at the SS3 pasar malam.

also tried another one, surprisingly good at 1-Utama new wing. Opposite Giant supermarket & guardian pharmacy. Some Penang name too. Lots of fish and generous helping. Heard they also opened in New Town, state. Haven't been there yet and will update.
thank u for dropping by and yes many people just love this dish. Will keep in mind this one in Giant nex trip thanks !